Algebra and Converse

Algebra and Converse

A Story by LightForMyShadow

A small describtion of my wacky Algebra teacher.


He was a contridicion. A short man in his forties with a hair line receeding as fast as his age. He was a nerd, plainly put. An algebra teacher who wore a large white lab coat. It wasn't exactly normal. He pushed his bottlecap glasses up the bridge of his nose while he complained about his caculator's smart alic attitude. Now the interesting part, beneath the tucked in shirt and belt strapped pants were a pair of nice black converse. When you sum up the small intellegent man you would asume the same type of polished black loafers  would cover his feet. But no! Instead there were Chucks! Just those shoes alone made me wonder about the wild rebellious teenage life he might have had. It didn't seem likely that he just bought some shoes and wore them. This was a man who didn't do anything without a plan. Besides, any fellow chuck lover can tell you, converse are more than just a pair of shoes. Their a lifestyle!

© 2009 LightForMyShadow

Author's Note

What do you do when Algebra II hold absolutly no intrest and your teacher begins to rant about the draconian state of his class? Well, you improvise.

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wow, interesting, xD I wish my teacher would wear a converse to school, damn what a cool day it would be

Posted 13 Years Ago

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