the Help we do not need

the Help we do not need

A Poem by Light

A poem that highlights a problem

When she’s walking through the city, late,
a van stopping beside her

her knuckles turn white from holding keys,
grasping a bit tighter

when he asks her if she needs a ride home
cause of the danger on the street

then she knows that it is wrong,
that it’s the Help we do not need.

When I’m working on a project 
perfectly content

a man walks by and explains to me 
what I researched firsthand

when he doesn’t listen
and acts as if I cannot read

then I know that it is wrong,
that it’s the Help we do not need.

When she posts a video of her on the beach
happily running from a wave

a billion comments, and all they do
is tell her to go shave

when she’s harshly reminded
that her leg hair should be discrete

then she knows that it is wrong,
that it’s the Help we do not need.

© 2022 Light

Author's Note

I feel very strongly about the fact that life gets made harder for women, both in subtle and in obvious ways. We are not dumb, or weak, or made for men. Ask if we need help before assuming we don’t know what we’re doing. Don’t force us into aligning with unachievable standards. Don’t get mad for refusing help simply because we can’t tell if it’s genuine. Thanks for reading :)

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I personally have the greatest respect for women and feel that for the most part, their intelligence level far exceeds that of most men. Women think differently and have problem solving skills that this world could not live without. Besides the fact that they are human beings and deserve to be treated with kindness and respect. I liked your poem and I understand but you must understand as well that some men just like to help, it doesn't mean they don't think you can do is just in their nature to help. (Some men) : )

Posted 1 Year Ago

Social media has brought out the worst in men. It was just as bad before the internet but now with it it's become so vile and viscous. The misogyny has become more out hand and purely evil. They don't even bother trying to hide it now a days. I can't imagine being a parent to a young girl now a days, just how difficult it is. We need to be better. And teach our young boys to respect others especially the opposite sex. This is a man problem that can only be fixed by us raising our kids better. Awesome poem and thank you for speaking the truth.

Posted 1 Year Ago


1 Year Ago

I completely agree, thank you for reviewing!

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Added on October 15, 2022
Last Updated on October 15, 2022
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