Floating on Cloud Nine

Floating on Cloud Nine

A Poem by <Abby.Autopsy>

wow, something amazing happened to me and i had to write about it. see if you know what it is by what i say. :))))))) <33333


I can't believe how this could happen to me. ME!

But it did!

And I am floating, light as a feather, drifting along on the breeze.

Unaware of anything, ANYTHING  that is happening.

I could get hit by a car, or shot in the head,

I wouldn't know... <333

This something I have dreampt of though never thougtht would really happen.

But it did.

OH, it DID...


And here i am, sitting, left to think and brood and feel light headed and dizzy.


All because of this. OH  THIS>>>>>>

© 2008 <Abby.Autopsy>

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I'd say some sort of drug, or perhaps get drunk.

Or maybe got to fly upside down in a plane?

Am I close?

Posted 11 Years Ago

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Added on August 30, 2008



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