A Poem by Jaded rose

Love is an array of emotions and this shows the conflict.



The ground is covered with snow
There are red puddles of blood everywhere
Bodies lying all around
In the center sits the woman
Covered with a thin blanket and crying
She holds in her hands a thumping heart
The thumping is slowly coming to a halt
She looks down at the heart noticing that it is hers
In her mind she reviews the war she raged
Trying desperately to save her heart from the hurt of love
Looking at the bodies of the men that have fallen
Why did they have to treat her the way they did
She would not have lashed out the way she did
Action begets reaction...wound for wound
Now she is looking at the wounded and her own heart
Wondering whether love will die in this field
Or somehow will someone be able to resurrect it
Amazed that love and hate can be so intermingled
Loving the men laying at her feet for who they were
Hating them for how they have ripped her heart from her body
Looking at her heart wanting it to beat again
Considering that it may be too cold to come to life
She stands, walking to the edge of the field
Turning again, wanting to see the bodies she left behind
She falls, hoping and praying someone good will catch her
Warming her heart up from the cold war of love

© 2010 Jaded rose

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This was extraordinary scene you have written. Extremely powerful. Love can be a really tough ordeal and the pain you have captured quite strongly in this piece. Very well done...

Posted 9 Years Ago

I love the visual you painted. Kinda of dark but yet it sounds like a transformation from something old to something new. You as a woman do not want to be treated the same way ever again. I enjoyed this raw feel your words bought to me. You are on a creative high, don't come down to soon!

Posted 9 Years Ago

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Added on May 27, 2010
Last Updated on May 27, 2010


Jaded rose
Jaded rose

Charlotte, NC

Writing is my NEED to unclutter life. It eases my stress. Wish I had more time to write and read poetry. It touches my soul and clears the negativity at times. Thank you for sharing your work and .. more..


A Poem by Jaded rose