Just A Thought...

Just A Thought...

A Poem by laughinglullaby

We're all just liars
wrapped in our good deeds.
We're just thieves,
Who hide under our kindness.
And you ask for honesty,
in a world of people who live off of their deceit.
You seek refuge in something 
That will always leave you empty.
We always try to see the good in others 
Looking through our scope  of corruption.
We want to fix everyone else, 
As our heart falls out of our chest.
We want them to see that we have it together
That we can help, 
Even as we're gasping for air lying on the floor,
That we are the ones who know. 
As if we have the slightest idea,
All the while, what were seeking is the person who says
"Your so strong" or
"Your my hero".
Because that's all people ever want,
Someone to notice.
Someone to see their problems as significant,
Because that's how we cope.
We define are self worth
Based on the opinions of everyone and anyone.
We'll talk to anyone who will listen
And what is it all for?
Why do we place so much value on what everyone else thinks?
What ever happened to being your own person?
And I'm just as guilty as the next,
Because after all 
When it comes down to it,
Everyone is a Hypocrite.

© 2013 laughinglullaby

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Here you've portrayed you a "Heroien" who loves her Hero who keeps her into the depth of his heart. Yeah, lovers are really liars cus, they know how to convert the sun into moon and turning moon into with the drops of their love bites. Your thoughts're not that bad, it's pretty interesting to read and blow with 'em to the peace.

Stay always wild and beautiful, pretty.

Posted 7 Years Ago

Your thoughts are always fascinating. Thank you for publishing this.

Posted 8 Years Ago

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Added on April 8, 2013
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This is my life make of it what you will. Theses are my thoughts think of them how you will. If you're a dreamer dare to dream with me. If you're a believer then sympathize with me. Be who you are and.. more..


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