My Heart shaped box

My Heart shaped box

A Poem by laughinglullaby

I know song title but its what I was listening to whilst writing :)

My heart is breaking and I'm on my knees.
My hands are shaking and I begging please.
Say anything 
Or nothing to me. 
Give me a nothing to hold on to. 
A something, 
Anything from you. 
I'm not lost, 
I'm just alone.  
Maybe lonely is what I need. 
Or maybe just what I deserve. 
A broken mess is all I've ever been 
So why stop now. 
I only have so much to give. 
And with the pieces you took on your shoes, 
When you walked over my shatter remains,
There's only so much left to repair. 
Don't worry love, 
You can keep them. 
My gift to you. 
And no, 
I'm not lost baby, 
I'm just alone. 
Just a ghost of the person I once called home.
Wandering between realities, 
Because that's where I feel safe. 
Bouncing somewhere in outer space. 
So my feet never feel the ground. 
So I never taste the pain of what it's like to fall down. 
And maybe with my head up in the clouds
I can gain a little perspective.
I'm out of my mind
And maybe I prefer that to the alternative. 
And honey I thought told you,
No I'm not lost,
I'm just alone

© 2014 laughinglullaby

Author's Note

ignore grammar errors, and reviews are appreciated I'd love to hear what you think :)

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Added on November 27, 2014
Last Updated on November 27, 2014
Tags: poetry, sad, young adult



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