The One I Used To Know

The One I Used To Know

A Poem by laughinglullaby

Someone somewhere said
 " if you love someone you'll let them go, if they don't return they were never yours. " 
I feel like I lost you, 
it funny how it's impossible to loose something that was never yours to keep?
I wish we could be the best of friends.
More so I wish we were so much more. 
You know that though.  
I guess its time to let  You go. 
I only wish it didn't end like this. 
I only wish we had our last first kiss. 
That I would have closed my eyes and said goodnight. 
And meant it this time. 
I only wish I could love you enough to let you go. 
I wish you would have swept me off my feet. 
I wish I could have fallen into your arms kicking and screaming. 
Then you would have known my actions were in vain. 
We'd be on the same page dancing on the binding of this tattered book. 
You would say you loved me. 
I'd smile and reply. 
But for now 
I'll just think of all the things we could have if we close our eyes. 
I'll just wish on a star with my empty heart. 
And maybe then I'll be able to say,
 that it's better to have loved and lost then never to have loved at all. 

© 2012 laughinglullaby

Author's Note

ignore grammar and spelling problems, reviews are appreciated

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This was really well-developed. Your style has really evolved since the beginning of your poetry. I love the new direction.

Posted 9 Years Ago

Love it

Posted 9 Years Ago

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Added on July 3, 2012
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