Kiss Me

Kiss Me

A Story by Linda

Very old short story when I first started dating my Fiance

  Your eyes meet mine and I automatically feel like you can see into my soul. blood rushes to my cheeks making me turn a bright pink. Oh dear god what is happening to me?
   Without ever losing our eyes encounter your hand lands on my cheek bringing my mind to think nothing . Just blank . 
    My hands tremble to my side, of nervousness and desire .  Your fingers graze mine and then intertwined. Having my hand fit into yours like a glove . As if made perfectly and especially for you. My hand still trembles and you can't help but smile . The smile that takes my breath away . 
   "Can you do something for me?" You ask in the angelic tone that makes me into putty in your hands. What happened why aren't I saying anything? Cats got my tongue?
   I nod stupefied and mechanically yes multiple times. Yes yes anything of course my mind screams but my mouth does not. Remaining mute.
   Your hand on my cheek moves it's finger to my lower lip, causing me to shutter. Is this happening? Am I awake? 
    Your thumb traces my lower lip, caressing ever so gently. You take a step closer, and your eyes move from my eyes to my lips. Your face gets closer to mine feeling your breath against my lips had my heart racing faster than anything I can imagine . My stomach turn with such unexplained emotion.
 "Kiss me" you whisper so low that the wind can barely catch look back into my eyes waiting for a response.
I slowly close my eyes My lips slowly press against yours . Feeling dazed I feel my hands automatically lay one  on your chest, to make sure you are here and that this is real, and the other on your cheek. As your hands stay on my cheek and your lips touch mine.
I finally understand the emotion stirring in the pit of my stomach... 

© 2016 Linda

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Added on April 29, 2016
Last Updated on April 29, 2016
Tags: Love, kiss, romance, poetic, couple




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