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A spring day: A taste of your kiss

A spring day: A taste of your kiss

A Poem by Lindsey Grace

A free verse poem of the day you found your way back into my head.

The warmer than usual breeze 
hits my nose, cheeks, and ears 
then I realize it:
The air 
it smells like your kisses
On a cool April day
The moment I walk outside
I can sense your lips again
The smell of your skin
You have found your way back 
into my mind
through my senses
the way you always have before.
I would not let you 
though for months
manipulate my consciousness
but now
this has become involuntary.

I scooted 
my body
just a little
closer to you
on the cement slab
overlooking our small town.

The small town that made us-
me believe
that we were the only pair
on this planet
able to feel that way
let me not entirely blame
the poor small town
you did your part too
you made me think
we were something
worth fighting for
worth my time
my precious time
my precious spring day
You made me believe that
we were something

Once again I taste
The taste of your strawberry bubblegum
and I feel
the softness of your narrow lips
We are exploring each others hands
with our fingertips
I have realized that this memory 
Is not an eerie one
It gives me hope
that maybe
If only for a minute
I will be able to feel that way again
with somebody that will steal my heart
as fast as you did.

What happened when there was no more left 
Of my heart
For them to steal?
I no longer felt the breeze
Of the spring air on my face
Or tasted strawberry bubblegum
Or was able to enjoy 
A pair soft lips on mine
I only had memories
I only cherished moments
That consisted of reminiscing
For not even a minute.

I was numb.
I am numb

© 2016 Lindsey Grace

Author's Note

Lindsey Grace
ignore grammar errors. Free verse.

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Added on February 22, 2016
Last Updated on February 22, 2016
Tags: spring, longing, miss you, past lover, love, romance, forbidden love, kiss, taste, hurt, strawberry, bubblegum, lips, breeze, air, numb, small town, something worth fighting for