The Birds

The Birds

A Story by LindseyLyssa

The mørke is back again
Memory and Remorse pecked at each other.
Glee and Anger, winging wildly against the cage.
Morose and Fear, huddled together in a corner,
beaks bowed low as they felt what would come.
Knowledge and Thought eyed each other 
from their mounds of flesh.

Dark and sappy pitch floods into the cage.

Knowledge and Memory settle together,
remembering the wave to pass over.
The others shutter together as
mørke seeps into the corners of the cage. 
Remorse and Fear dance en pointe, 
and mørke reaches their feet. 

Slow slowly, inch by inch, 
the wave continues to rise. 

Thought and Anger, they fly to escape 
the mørke. failing as it clasps hold of their wings.
They fall, the cage reverberating.

The mørke overcomes them all.
Thought and Memory whimpered.
The eyes of Glee and Anger whirled wildly.
Remorse and Fear shed silent tears.
Morose and Knowledge nod to the other.
There they rest, the Birds, awaiting the retreat of the mørke and its pitch's hold on their wings. Each of them adrift in a dream. One day there is no warning. The mørke loosens its hold on them, Fear bursts from its grip first, Remorse and Morose soon after. Anger flies straight to the top of the cage, crying out its fury. Memory and Thought abide their time and wait their turns. Knowledge simply waits and watches - keeping an especially keen eye on Glee, who is always the last to peel away from the mørke. Inch by inch, slowly slow. The mørke retreats and releases them all. Glee and Morose, Fear and Anger always bear the marks, the reminders of the mørke longer than the rest. The mørke and its pitch leave inky stains on their feathers. The Birds fly free throughout their cage. Knowledge and Memory keeping a weary eye on the dark corners of the cage, well aware that the mørke can return without warning or cause.

© 2021 LindseyLyssa

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Birds fascinate me, some are just amazing, because they are carefree,
some birds scare me....
This is wonderful, full of imagery.
Awesome written

Posted 1 Year Ago

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Added on December 16, 2021
Last Updated on December 16, 2021
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