Do They See?

Do They See?

A Story by melindaerinwrites

The two shades sat balanced on the edge of the cliff side. One skipping rocks off the fog while the other chased the birds with eyes of amber

The amber-eyed shade caught the raven in his sight mid-flap of its wings and it vanished without so much as a puff of smoke. He looked down at the mural at the bottom of the cliff. An image of a raven appeared next to similar pictographs of eagles, coyotes, bears, and the like.

“Do you think they’ll see it?” The amber-eyed one asked.

“They? They who?” The other responded, throwing another stone across the top of the fog. The fog rippled with every strike of the rock, the peaks of the forest beneath them sneaking out every so often as the fog recoiled.

“Them,” the amber-eyed responded, waving a hand toward the towers of glass, steel, and iron in the distance.

“The humans?” The other asked. “Why wouldn’t they? What else would they want to see after sleeping so long?”

The amber-eyed shrugged his shoulders. “I though it might look pretty. I guess I worry they’ll never get around to seeing it.”

The other clapped his companion on the shoulder. “Oh, I’m sure they’ll find it one day. Once they leave the walls surrounding them. Surely, they’ve grown weary of seeing that sameness.”

“I hope they visit soon.”

“As soon as they wake up, I’m sure.”

“I’m just saying,” the amber-eyed one said gazing lovingly at the cliffs that surrounded them. Every would-be-empty section covered by an image of some long-forgotten creature. “I’ve almost run out of space.”

© 2021 melindaerinwrites

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Added on December 18, 2021
Last Updated on December 18, 2021
Tags: fiction, quarantine, restless, see, short, short-story, sleeping, solitude



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