A Story by Lindsay Elizabeth

and when you have your ducks in a row
and your tie set just right
and your shirt unwrinkled for the first time in your life
and when you leave for work five minutes early instead of five minutes late
and you remember your please's and thank you's 
and to always greet your boss with a smile
and when you survive the day without a third coffee break
and you quiet your road rage on the way back after work
and when dinner isn't burnt
and when you've finally washed that damned red spot out of the table cloth
and when the dishes are placed neatly and nicely on the shelf, and the silverware in the drawer
and you feel like the Better Homes and Garden housekeeper you always knew you would someday be
and when you do and you do and you do until you have done more than you ever thought you could squeeze into twenty four short hours
and when you have taken the tiny bits and pieces of your day and puttied up the cracks
and filled in the nooks with cement and a fresh coat of paint
and when you have time to use those sofa pillows for lying instead of looking or fixing 
and when the room breathes only silence 
and when the quietness of the house calls your mind into the panic of trying to remember the things forgotten until there's no use in remembering now because you can always remember tomorrow
and when you resign to collapse into a state of simply being instead of always doing 
and you are finally able to think, not scramble or scrutinize

I want you to 
as your lungs expand to fill your chest with all the air you need to continue,
are you breathing out your passion?

© 2017 Lindsay Elizabeth

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Added on December 30, 2016
Last Updated on April 11, 2017