The Bad Guy

The Bad Guy

A Poem by Beth Lindsay

There are different sides of a story, but by throwing out that line "I am always the bad guy" doesn't get the story across.


“I’m always the bad guy”

I honestly hate that line

A means to make others feel S****y

A way to gain everyone’s pity

Reality, there is very few “bad guys”

Just upright animals with stories and alibis

Living in distorted lives

Partially true, but mostly lies

Those who die leaves their story untold

The one who lives have their hero stories sold

In favor of the winners’ side

The loser wins the consolation of being “the Bad Guy”

Saying “I’m always the bad guy”

One is just giving into this human lie

That there is only good and evil

That a neutral being is inconceivable

Why not say, “I am misunderstood?”

That no one sees what's truly under the hood

Someone made an error in translation

While trying to keep up “the Bad Guy” Infatuation

In reality, there are few actual “bad guys”

At least compared to the number of human lives

Men who kill for the joy of the kill

Men who control the distortion of reality at will

Not the man that made a mistake and could tell

Not the man that always feel the need to yell

Not the man that has a drinking problem

Not the man that cries because he hit rock bottom

“I am always the bad guy”

Everyone at some point believes this lie

But- the antagonist of one’s story is a hero in their own

It’s up to them to make their story known

© 2017 Beth Lindsay

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LOVE THIS POEM! What a very clever way to get the point across. I share your distaste for that line as well!

Men who kill for the joy of the kill
Men who control the distortion of reality at will

Very awesome line there!

Posted 2 Years Ago

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Added on March 29, 2016
Last Updated on December 31, 2017
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Beth Lindsay
Beth Lindsay


I am a college student, studying to become a writer. My desired career is in graphic novels, but I also enjoy writing short fiction and poetry. Aside from my writing ambition, I paint/draw, read, and .. more..

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