Inside Out

Inside Out

A Story by Anon


Here it is the time was finally here, the gas was out. People were screaming, running like crazy. I was watching them like an Egal stalking it's prey. The thick green gas fills there lungs, there organs turing to liquid, while their skin slowly burns to a crisp.



I watch as they vomit their insides out, the blood that trickles down there mouth, eyes and nose always puts a smile on my face. They fall one by one as the puke for the last time. One stares at me, begs me to help, so i do... I got on my knees, held her head up, and slit her throat. She held her neck, the blood looked like a waterfall just pouring out, It was like heaven.


I look upon the bodies that kept pilling up, i walk past them one by one looking for the perfect one. I found them. the were small but big, like a chubby bear cub. I Picked them up taking them back to my house... My basement.


It's dull and dark, but im used to it, it's my safe place to be. I dropped the body on the flood, i walk towards te cabinets. Inside was one tools, my babies. the were always clean and sharp, i take them out close the door, and slowly walk up to the body. I layed the body on her back. i take out my tools and lay then out one by one.


The first thing i take it my machete. It's sharp and easy to use. i angle out my insistions and cut. I Hacked at her knees and arms. The blood that was left splattered across my face i placed the severed limbs in the fire place. I go back to the disembowled body.


I grabbed my meat cleaver and slowly cut at her neck, making sure i can hear the bones crack. i dumped the rest of the body outside, and placed the head in the fridge. A couple hours later i went back and opened it up, the head was frozen, it was perfect.





© 2012 Anon

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ignore grammar problems

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Added on December 14, 2012
Last Updated on December 14, 2012



Coventry, West Midlands , United Kingdom

i just write, cause it helps more..

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