Reviewer's Pleasure

Reviewer's Pleasure

A Poem by LisetteCanWrite!

I simply love poetry and writing.. I also love reading others work and indulging in the meaning or beauty of another's artistic expressions!



Your writing radiates feelings with your paper and pen;

My heart races I find myself counting backwards from ten.

When you glow it is simply the brightest of light;

when your sad or disturbed it's the darkest of night.


Words of stature and nonsense that fit so well into place;

Your rhythm and flow make my heart pound and race.

Many invigorating words filling me daily that I can see;

passion, love, hate and we simply can't forget glee.


Sated piece after piece feeling all of what I could understand;

I can then take pleasure in knowing I might meet your demand.

For then I can tell you just what your work to me means;

through passionate reviews both my head and heart screens.


I live and breathe writing... each and every day;

I simply love hearing what other hearts have to say.

Words flowing swiftly absorbed carefully in my mind;

Saving some of the best to favorites if it's a real find!


Only because I'm a writer do I passionately care;

I'll read on for hours .. I'm not going to go anywhere.

I'm one of the reviewers who loves reading your stories;

loads of true works of art... upheld in all of their glories.


Hi there, I wanted to point out one fine poet found a metaphor and I want to state that it is not intended to be a female submitting to a male... it is a reviewer submitting the the greatness of some writer's work. I am a passionate reader and read everything twice and also the bio of each writer. I try to get a clear picture of what each writing or message is trying to say. I am passionate and carefully read each piece judging based on depth, feeling, the age of the writer if it is there and everything I can find is taken into account! I love reading others work and I am held captive by some writers gifts .. I have had the pleasure of reading some very fine work!  I started reviewing more after I seen someone leave very harsh criticism for a writer who was 12... I was floored as the writer even stated they had just started writing and I felt they just needed encouragement. The writer had some minor mistakes but a really sad message with emotions blazingly clear.. that touched my heart. I am more one to encourage others than slash their work harshly. I look more at content in the way of the message and if I got a clear picture or message. I feel honored and privileged to read what is for some... their lives in writing!

© 2009 LisetteCanWrite!

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Featured Review

I really applaud you on this, great idea in the first place and i think you will reach alot of people with this. you wrote it very well, even the rhyming was spot on....i myself hate forced rhyme i think it ruins alot of pieces when you can tell it was forced in but your rhyming was far from it and its a wonderful tribute to writers, including yourself as a writer and i agree on what you say

Posted 12 Years Ago

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What a splendid way of expressing the joys of being a writer, a artist. Truely compeling.
Submission is not a bad thing, someone has to lead. So long as its a shared roll, (sometimes me sometimes you) and accpeted by both to be right at the time, then submission can open many doors and joys in life.
I am enjoying your thoughts though. Truely


Posted 11 Years Ago

This is an outstanding poem in every way. Wonderful rhyme and flow and a great message. I also agree with your note at the bottom. There is usually something nice we can say about the writes we review. And even critiquing is more palatable if it first points out the strengths before a weakness. I believe that writers, especially young ones, can be easily hurt and discouraged by a harsh critism when they have poured their heart out in writing. Funny thing is, when I read a few harsh reviews that were posted on some new writes' work, I went to check out that reviewer's writes to see what they thought made them so superior, and I honestly found very little good to say about their work. So, since my uncle taught me that if I can't say something nice I should say nothing, I never even posted a review to any of that reviewers work.

This is a great, thought provoking poem. Thanks for sharing it.

Posted 11 Years Ago

An amazing poem, and it shows everything a reviewer should feel - every emotion, every thought. Great job!! =)

Posted 11 Years Ago

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A real tribute to reviewers......well expressed idea and i totally agree that every writer must be encouraged to hone his/her skills :)

Posted 11 Years Ago

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This is very unique for a person to celebrate or honour other writers in this way a true appreciation of others have contributed to this site over the time you have been a member on here.
I love your free flowing poems and more importantly the messages they conveys,you are not sitting in judgement but merely hope to offer the reader/writer encouragement despite there being obvious flaws in the grammar or sentence structure this i find very refreshing.
I for my part am always being criticized by these two things and find it very disheartening when people don't look at the content and then judge you by saying things like (you must have had a third rate cotton pickers education to write this trash)
If only they knew there was precious little cotton picking going on in la belle suisse.
The side note was interesting too as you didn't need to add this but for me it makes this poem special a message of hope and indeed friendship to all you are a very special lady one whom i hold in the greatest esteem well done and thanks for reading my work and no doubt my bio too.

Posted 11 Years Ago

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What a wonderful tribute! As a wannabe writer reviews and criticism are often harsh. It took me 33 years to be able to let someone read my writing. This site has been instrumental in helping me grow and realize my flaws and attributes. It amazing that people can be touched and moved to FEEL when writing our works.
I encouraged my daughter to join when she was twelve (she is now 13) and most people have been very kind. There are always bad seeds and I must say she is alittle turned off now. Rejection is not always easy, especially for those of us that write from the heart.
Everyone could benefit from reading this!

Posted 12 Years Ago

2 of 2 people found this review constructive.

I thought this was beautiful.

I am brand new here, just signed up today, in fact, and this poem really spoke to me and touched my heart. It was not only a beautiful welcome, but showed the passion within you for what you do here.

I think I was very lucky to have my first review done by you, which led me to this wonderful, passionate, warm, and welcoming poem.

I look forward to reading much more of your work.

Posted 12 Years Ago

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I thought this poem was beautiful and the message really cute and touching! The rhyming was very nice, and it flowed pretty well. I like it!

Posted 12 Years Ago

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lol I thought it was really quite self explanatory. But I enjoyed the add on at any rate. Never mind Mark, his wife tolerates him somehow. lol Just kidding, Mark! The piece was a tribute and the way I see it, no tribute can be "bad". But it was well written anmd presented in poetic fashion and I as well applaud you.

Posted 12 Years Ago

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As someone who enjoys giving reviews and apparently is appreciated for it, I really liked this "ode to reviewing" piece.

It's a song of good cheer for the entire process.

And, wow, I really can't fathom some fool being harshly critical of a 12-yr.-old. If I was aware of who that was, they'd hear from me. I just reviewed the only 12-yr.-old I've read myself. Noticed the "please review" before I realized how young. Anyway, yes, everyone should calibrate reviews to the best of their abilities, and be accordingly fair.

Kudos for an important theme well-executed!

Posted 12 Years Ago

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