A Story by Tiger-chan

I was in class today, and we were talking about the Ididarod race in Alaska, and she mentioned something about the dog's point of veiw during that,and it gave me an idea.


It was me against nature. I was the lead, the front, the one that everything counted on. My master had talked about this for days, training us, preparing us, getting us ready for the race of our lives.


We were expected to run, day and night, no matter the weather. At first I had scoffed at our ability to pull this off, but the hope and trust in master's eyes made us believe. It made us believe that, being the animals we are, could do anything we set ourselves to.


So we ran, treading the feet of snow below our paws, moving like it was simply dirt. Very cold dirt. Cuts, scratches, and bruises covered our paws from the ice. Though we had fur, we were still cold. I had trust in my team, knowing that we all had trust in master, and ourselves.


We would run for miles on end, no stop, no rest, just the icey barren ground beneath our paws, the snow, and wind that swept by. Could we make it?

I had to believe we would, believe it for master's sake. He had everything riding on this, and we were his passage to victory.


Even through the cold, dense, icey days we spent, we would make it. We did make it. I don't know what place, or how long the time was. All I knew was that master was happy, and I was done.


Through the pain and suffering, the cold and icey, the horrible and unforgiving land, we had made it. It was over and I was done, we had survived through the endless miles of snow, we had survived the non-stop running, we had survived.

© 2010 Tiger-chan

Author's Note

If you actually read this, please tell me what you think. I jsut decided to try my hand at some very descriptive writing, and I guess it came out good.

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I'm not gonigto lie to you: It needs work. It's a nice story concept and has serious potential, bit I feel like it needs more here than the two paragraphs.

Posted 10 Years Ago

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Added on September 14, 2009
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