Emma Lee

Emma Lee

A Poem by LivingDeath

True story of a friend of mine.

There is a little girl 
her name is Emma Lee 
little does she know
how much she means to me.

But there is a sad story 
that follows this little girl 
a sad tale of pain and lies 
that changed the view of the world.

There was a man of twenty-seven 
that lived in her small house, 
with her family he would stay 
she was smaller then a mouse.

Still a kid
not yet a teen
this man took her clothes 
and crushed her dreams.

She lied and lied about this guy
saying all was fine and right
until one day it all came out
on that cold and cloudy night.

He went to court 
he did some time
all was calm
it all seemed fine.

Three years later
he was back again 
doing the same thing 
he did back then.

Emma would deny the truth
she wouldn't tell a soul,
I knew something was sure not right
by the way it took its toll.

I sat her down 
and talked to her 
found out what 
she had endured.

I drove her down 
to see someone
I told the cops 
to get this scum.

They did their job
they got the guy,
I wonder this
oh why God why.

Never will 
she be the same
I hate that guy 
cause he's to blame.

This is the story 
of Emma the girl
a tale of great sorrow 
that corrupted her world.

© 2010 LivingDeath

Author's Note

This is a true story of one of my friends so please no rude comments

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Featured Review

It's very literal, which is rare in poetry, seeing as poetry is more often the not metaphorical. It's refreshing and carries well enough along a story line.
Perhaps if I might suggest, breaking convention and rhyming schemes. Things can turn out so incredibly powerful when the full scope of ones vocabulary is allowed to go wild and take any form it needs to.

Posted 14 Years Ago

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wow this actually made the hairs on my arms and neck stand up..nicely written, and you are a good friend.

Posted 14 Years Ago

I thought this was a beautiful poem, not something you find with this kind of deep sorrow. It immediatly caught my attention, the words couldn't have been better and flowed really well, and the way it told a story made it more real. I really hope your friend is doing better, and I think it was sweet of you to write a poem about her.

Posted 14 Years Ago

It is terrible that in our "modern" society, horrors like this are still committed. I know of one person really close to me (won't specify for privacy) who is scarred for life because of the same thing. She can hardly function because of the disorder that was sparked from this abuse. Two of my friends have had the same thing happen. And it makes me sick to think that people can be so selfish and unfeeling.
The ending is bitter sweet. He got what was coming to him (though really, I think they should get the death penalty :/), but Emma Lee will never quit hurting. And all that anyone can do is try to lessen her pain. I hope that man finds his guilt and that it eats him away.
Beautiful poem~

Posted 14 Years Ago

omg thats soo sad im sorry tell her that too please

Posted 14 Years Ago

Your poem was very private and moving in certain ways. This poem reminded me more of a story although it carries components of poetry, which made it very interesting. You can explore with trying to write a short story with this idea if you wanted to. Good job.

Posted 14 Years Ago

it made me tear up. because that happened to my cousin. =[

Posted 14 Years Ago

It's very sad, I'm sorry about your friend.
The poem is very straight-forward which I like & it seems appropriate[sp] for this incident.

Posted 14 Years Ago

I know how it feels to know someone who had been through that and it really made me feel pain. It's such a true peom and very well writen.

Posted 14 Years Ago

it is very ssad i hae prolems not that personal ut still its horrile i hate my real mother i wish she was dead no joke
great write
luv ya abbie

Posted 14 Years Ago

W0W I feel the pain...

Posted 14 Years Ago

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