A Story by Elizabeth Allier

Lynn.13. Andre. Anthony Durden.




                Lynn looked up at him warily, “What do you want Andre?”

                “I want you in my bed,” He stated bluntly.

                She stared at the 16 year old boy standing in front of her, he was attractive but she hated him, she hated everything about him, he tried to own her, he actually claimed her in front of the others, so none of them respected her.

                “I’m 13,” She answered, standing, “And I don’t like you,”

                He growled, “Why? Is there someone else?”

                She looked at him and smiled wryly, “Yes there’s another, his name is Anthony, he’s a 15 year old sex god,”

                He snarled and grabbed her arm; Andre dragged her into his bedroom and threw her down on the bed, “I will have you as my own, I’m going to pluck your cherry Lynn and you can’t fight me…I own you,”

                “No one owns me,” She growled.

                “That will change,” He said solemnly, he grabbed her wrists in one hand and held them back behind her, with his other hand he began to remove her clothes, she kicked out and he moved his legs to pin her down.  Lynn struggled against him and he smiled and moaned, “I like it when you fight,”

                She went limp beneath him not wanting to give him the satisfaction. She bit her lip and looked away from him as he peeled away both of their clothes, she made her body completely limp as he thrust into her. He slapped her and snarled, “Look at me,”

                She didn’t answer and refused to look at him as he continued.


                Andre kissed her shoulder, “What do you think of me now?”

                “I will never love you,” Lynn said and got out of his bed.

                She went to her room and locked the door; she went into the bathroom and started the shower.     She got in and scrubbed herself until her skin was raw.


                -2 days-


                She spotted Andre and sauntered towards him, “Andre?”

                He smiled at her, “Yes?”

                “Will you go somewhere with me?” She asked softly, “Please…”

                Andre chuckled, “Of course, I see you’ve changed your mind,”

                She grinned, “I realized just how much you mean to me Andre,” Lynn grabbed his hand and led him out of the courtyard; they walked through the streets and to an old cabin in the woods outside them.

                “Are we going to do something fun?” He asked kissing her neck.

                “Oh yes, something very fun,” She led him inside and pointed to the middle of the room, “Stand there, undress for me,”

                Andre grinned foolishly and undressed, “Your turn,”

                “No, my turn,” A male voice said walking out of the shadow, the young man had ebon hair and deep brown eyes, he was shirtless and wearing black jeans, a metal pipe in his hand.

Lynn, who is that?” Andre growled, trying to cover himself.

“Andre this Anthony Durden, you know the 15 year old sex God,” She answered, smiling wickedly.

Anthony grinned at him as he brought the pipe down on his knee, crushing it, Andre howled in pain, he laughed breaking his other knee, “You raped my girlfriend here and I am pretty pissed off about it, I wanted her first time,”

“Too bad,” He muttered, howling in more pain as Anthony cracked his ribs.

Lynn leaned back against the wall watching them with delight, Anthony finished beating the other boy and smiled at her, blood on his face and his chest, he motioned for her to come to him and she rolled her eyes and complied. Anthony put his arm around her waist and kissed her, she giggled and put her arms around him, “Vindictiveness comes with some rewards,” She mumbled.

He dropped the pipe and pulled her into one of the bedrooms, “You have no idea,”


Lynn slipped out of bed and dressed, she looked at Anthony sleeping and smirked, “Well I guess this is good bye then Mr. Durden,”

He stirred in his sleep but didn’t wake up as she walked out of the room, she scrawled out a note and left in on the side table near the door before walking out leaving Anthony in bed and Andre on the floor still bleeding and unconscious. Lynn made her way back to the house where her bag was waiting, she grabbed it and headed into the garage, and she took a pair of keys hanging on the wall and drove the black Camero to the train station where she boarded a train to Dresden.



© 2008 Elizabeth Allier

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...who is Anthony...
he reminds me of my Anthony...well...more so Aryan...but yeah.
It was good.
RS [get used to it nuggah]

Posted 15 Years Ago

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Added on July 31, 2008


Elizabeth Allier
Elizabeth Allier

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