Death Angel;; No rest for the Wicked

Death Angel;; No rest for the Wicked

A Story by Elizabeth Allier

The second part to Death Angel;; The Pit


--Death Angel—No rest for the Wicked—August 2, 2097—


Lynn stared at him, “What?”

He got to his feet and reached inside his mouth, pulling out a small device and breaking it, his blond hair became black and his features changed, Lynn scrutinized his face, “Aryan…?”

Aryan looked up into her eyes and hugged her, “I missed you mom…”

She moved back and stared at him, “What’s going on? Why’d you hurt Jacob?”

He sighed, “I came from 2107, I killed Cassidy and I came here not to hurt Jacob but to save him from them,”

“Who is them?” She questioned, “What did they do to Jacob?”

“They killed him, mom, they came and attacked the house… you fought so hard and we were so little, Jacob was trying to protect us…” His voice cracked as he continued, “I didn’t understand, I just saw the blood and he wouldn’t wake up, wouldn’t move…”

“Where was William?” She mumbled watching him sink down to the floor, she sat next to him.

“He was gone mom, he never told us where he went, he was mad and he left…” He murmured, “And after Jacob was dead it was like the fight was out of you, they took us, I didn’t want to watch but they made us, mom, they made you leave us,” He took a deep breath before going on, “They took everyone we knew, everyone mom and they put them in a white room…we were the only ones allowed to stay alive, you made him promise that he wouldn’t hurt us or dad…you gave yourself to him and even though we were alive it was like we had just died anyways…Dad stopped talking, all he did was sleep and drink, never said anything after that day… He thought it was his fault, but we never blamed him. I just wanted it to change; I thought if Jacob was stronger, he would’ve lived, you wouldn’t have to go away…”

“Where did I go? Who took me?” She inquired, stroking his hair gently.

He became rigid, his voice cold, “Richard Jacobs, the President of the World, the man who killed you and framed our father for it,” Aryan clenched his fists, “We only saw you on TV, you looked so lifeless, it wasn’t fair mom, we missed you and I just wanted it all to go back to the way it was when we were little, I thought…I thought…I could save us…”

“When did they come for us?” She whispered wrapping her arms around him.

He looked into her eyes, “August 12, 2097,”

Lynn’s breath caught, “Only 10 days…” She bit her lip, “Aryan?”

“Yes momma?”

“I need to see the future,”


© 2008 Elizabeth Allier

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Added on August 9, 2008


Elizabeth Allier
Elizabeth Allier

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