Lynn Hawthorne

Lynn Hawthorne

A Story by Elizabeth Allier

The list to Lynn


Lynn Hawthorne

Age: 17

Hair: Black

Eyes: violet silver

Breed: Immortal

Height: 5’8

Sub or Dom: both; depending on her mood

Shoes: Black and white converse

Loves to death: William, her kids, killing, Kiko and Ryu, Daryan, Knox, being spanked, literacy, pretty boys with big guns, the color green, the color purple, crayons, the internet, boys, R.A.V., Andy and Erick, Natasha, Enni, sex blood and alcohol [ not always in that order], Praise for her art.

Hates with her whole heart: Biters, unjustifiable arrogance, cheaters, liars, secrets, the government, the Indigo, being looked at like a piece of meat, getting shot at, that annoying look Andy gives when he’s about to comment on her life, creepy old people, her old crew [more of a dislike than a hate], being threatened, Jenni, Chloe Simon, Anthony Durden, traitors, the Rogue Gallery.

First Breath: August 13, 2057

Internet: Fallen, Yahoo, Aim; all

Username: Kill_Me15, Bleed4Me

Education: N/A

Children: Drake, Raya, Rayna, Isabell, Jacob, Gerard, Simon, Aryan, Shia, Kane, Nero, Edward [deceased], Eden

Siblings: Daryan Scarlet, Knox Scarlet

Occupation: Hit man and leader of Company X, Czar of Russia, Blood Lord, Conqueror, Angel of God, surgical expert, Mother of Nations, true Immortal

Mother: Kiko Von Norra

Father: Ryu Scarlet

Books: Fatality, House of Wolves, The Utopia Complex, Nevada’s Grace






© 2008 Elizabeth Allier

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Added on August 18, 2008


Elizabeth Allier
Elizabeth Allier

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Hello, I am Elizabeth Allier, I am someone who cares but doesn't (depending on who you are) I currently reside in Shadow Land, right in between the October Country and the Night World; I love wr.. more..