A Story by Elizabeth Allier

The first time I met Lynn...




She could feel the bass of the music vibrate through her skin; she took a step forward into the blue lights and then slowly sauntered to the front, she grinded against the cold metal pole, knowing that she hated herself. She danced dropping the black see-through robe she had on over a black bra and thong, she kept her face apathetic watching the lazy grin of the man in front of her, The Crimson by Atreyu making her feel numb as the words sunk into her skin, she stepped off the stage and danced around the man, his name was Sean Polanski, he was a German drug dealer known for killing and raping little girls, there was a 1.5 million contract out on him and the last face he would see would be hers. She let her fingers flit along his shoulder, he grabbed them and licked them, she tensed in disgust, her other hand found the blade she hid behind the chair he sat in. She reached across his neck and slid it along his throat. Lynn slipped out of the back and into the alley, where she had hidden a bag, she pulled on loose jeans and a black sweater, she changed her shoes and hurried down the street. She walked down the street and slipped into an apartment building, she walked up the stairs and into a small apartment; she dropped her bag and went into the bathroom. She looked at herself in the mirror, she leaned forward to study her face closely, her curly black hair was dyed a mahogany brown and fell passed her shoulders. She took off her clothes and turned on the shower, she got in and washed the dye out of her hair and began to scrub the filth from her skin. She got out and put her hair up; she dressed in black jeans and an Atreyu T-shirt, and put on her black and gray converse. Lynn packed her bags and left the small apartment and headed to a parking garage across the street, she took out a set of keys and made her way to a silver Camero. She slid inside and drove to the train station. She dropped off her car and brought a ticket, she made her way through the station when she was stopped by an officer, she held out her wrist for her barcode to be scanned, the optical scanner blinked once and he nodded and waved her off. Lynn hurried into the train and took a seat, the train would take her to Dresden and then she would be on a plane to Chicago where her mother and father awaited. She sighed, calming herself down. She studied the barcode on her right wrist and peeled the counterfeit barcode off, her real barcode hidden beneath her skin. Lynn leaned back against her chair and took out Fahrenheit 451 by Ray Bradbury and began to read.


It was cold in Chicago but nothing compared to the winters in Russia, she rubbed her bare arms as the snow drifted down onto her pale skin, her eyes examined the three story mansion in front of her and she let out an exasperated sigh before going in. Lynn felt a wave of heat meet her and she shivered feeling the cold melt away from her skin, she strode down the narrow bleak hallway to the right if the door, her suitcases in hand as she bounded towards a dim lit office at the end of it. She stood near the doorway listening to two voices argue, one she recognized as her mother’s voice and the other she did not know.

“Kiko, she’s 15,” The unfamiliar female voice exclaimed, “How could you have kept her hidden for so long and especially from me?”

“I had to protect Lynn, I didn’t want her to be raised seeing me and her father chained to the wretched government, locked up, experimented on, and weak,” Kiko retorted.

Lynn peered in to see a short brunette haired girl with golden eyes sigh, she was elegantly dressed in a blood red corset and black skirt that flowed around her ankles, the girl looked up suddenly and met her eyes, “You must be Lynn, I’m Elizabeth Alexxandre, the writer…”

Lynn sauntered into the room and nodded, “Pleasure to meet you,” She said in a thick Russian accent.

Elizabeth smiled, “Pleasures all mine,” She averted her eyes to Kiko and then back to her, “I’m gong to be teaching you the rules and the people you should be aware of, so we’ll get time to know each other,”

Lynn nodded and set her things down and went to her mother and embraced her, they shared a few words in Russian before Kiko kissed her cheek, grabbed Lynn’s things, and left them.

Elizabeth took a deep breath, “Lynn, do you have any problem understanding or speaking English?” She inquired getting out a notepad and a pen.

“Do I sound like I would have trouble?” She answered masking her accent completely.

Elizabeth smiled, “Wow, how long have you been learning English?”

“Since Sesame Street had Russian subtitles,”

She laughed, “How very interesting, come on, I want to show you my library,”

Lynn motioned to the door, “Lead the way Miss Alexxandre,”

“Call me Liz or Elizabeth, I don’t care,” She mumbled and led her down the dark hallway to another room where every wall was adorned with books.


© 2008 Elizabeth Allier

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Added on October 14, 2008
Last Updated on October 14, 2008


Elizabeth Allier
Elizabeth Allier

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