Prison Break

Prison Break

A Story by Elizabeth Allier

Short and Quirky


Prison Break


Lynn danced into the police station, she wore an over large black sweater and jeans, she smiled politely at the secretary behind the desk, “Hi, I’m here to bail out my friend, Lani Thorne,”

The woman looked up, an irritated look on her face, “Hold on,”

She swept her waist length black hair behind her shoulder and nodded. She leaned against the wall and crossed her arms over her chest. A police officer came out a few minutes later and escorted her to the back and into the holding area.

“Excuse me but what are we doing?” She asked, moving her arms over her stomach.

The police officer looked at her, “You’re under arrest, I suggest you remain silent and cooperate until the men in black get here,”

“What?!” She exclaimed, anger biting the edge of the word.

He grabbed her arm roughly and jerked her into a cell with Lani. He shut the cell and gave a demeaning smile before disappearing. Lynn gripped the bars and yanked on them, “No, I will not have jail babies…do I at least get a phone call?!”

She turned to Lani, “What happened?”

Lani shook her head, “I don’t know, they pulled me over and arrested me,”

She studied her friend and reached over and yanked her dark brown hair, “So you called me to bail you out?”

She glared at her with dark green eyes and then her features softened, “Thanks for coming…”

Lynn shook her head and reached in her pocket for her cell, she texted William before her phone went blank, “Wtf? My phone just died…this is like a sick horror movie…I’m not dying either, I’mma make it to the sequel and the killer’s gonna end up being my brother or something…”


© 2008 Elizabeth Allier

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Added on October 14, 2008


Elizabeth Allier
Elizabeth Allier

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Hello, I am Elizabeth Allier, I am someone who cares but doesn't (depending on who you are) I currently reside in Shadow Land, right in between the October Country and the Night World; I love wr.. more..