My Father's Son

My Father's Son

A Story by Elizabeth Allier

... Father and sons


My Father’s Son


Is it just enough for you to breathe, I'm begging
Is it not enough to just have me whoa
Is it just enough for you to be, I'm trying
to be the first thing that you need please don't pull the…


                        He studied his son standing before him and shut his eyes for a few moments, he imagined him as a young child instead of the young man in front of him; he shook his head against the thought and opened them. Hannibal stared at him, “What’s wrong Vater?”

                        A soft smile touched the corners of Simon’s lips and he moved towards his son, he placed his hands on the sides of his son’s face, “Ich liebe dich Hannibal.” He whispered.

                        Hannibal smiled, “I love you too Vater, are you proud of me for conquering all that land for you?” His blue eyes shone beneath his black hair as he looked at his father.

                        “Yes, I am very proud of you mien Sohn…” He alleged softly and leaned forward to kiss his cheek; he stepped back a little and then moved with a blurred motion. He caught Hannibal before he could hit the floor and sunk to the ground slowly; he pulled him into his lap and brushed a lock of hair away from his eyes. The blood pouring from the gash in Hannibal’s throat seeped into Simon’s clothing and stained his flesh, he peered down at his son, “Ich liebe dich Hannibal.”


                        Simon stood on his terrace looking down at the street below; he looked down at his hands scrubbed clean of his son’s blood. He turned away from the city and entered his bedroom; Aros sat on his bed, swinging his legs back and forth, Simon studied his youngest child, “Just say what’s on your mind Aros.”

                        Aros looked up at him, “Did you know your mom and dad?”

                        Simon sat down on the bed beside him, “Aros I was an orphan, my mother died giving birth to me and Sascha and my father didn’t want us…”

                        He bit his lip out of habit, “Why didn’t he want you papa?”

                        Simon sighed, “It was different in those days Aros, my father was Johann Von Landerhaven, a man of power and wealth, a man with a family in Dresden, Germany; my mother was his secretary… Ms. Kohler told us that he sent her away after she got pregnant.”

                        The little boy frowned and contemplated his father’s words, “Did you ever find him?”

                        He nodded, “I found him during the war, and Grace was already pregnant with Lilith when I took her to meet them, I had sisters who doted on her and his wife was kind to us… I remember the conversations I had with him before Sascha killed him…”

                        Aros nodded, “Papa, would you ever kill me?”

                        Simon frowned, “No I don’t think I ever would…”

                        He frowned and looked into his face, “Why did you kill Hannibal?”

                        Pain flashed over his features, “He betrayed me and your sister in a way that we couldn’t forgive him for…”

                        Aros leaned against his side and yawned; Simon took off his shoes and stretched out on the bed, he pulled Aros to his side and put his arm around him, “Why are you asking so many questions Kleine?

                        The little boy yawned again, “I just want to know you papa…” He whispered and shut his eyes.

                        Simon watched him sleep for a few moments and then slowly slipped out of the bed; he covered Aros with the blanket and left him. He padded downstairs to where Lilith sat at the dining room table, an open bottle of whiskey in front of her, he took the bottle and drank the remnants of it, and she glowered at him, “That was mine.”

                        “It’s my house, therefore it is my liquor.” He retorted


© 2009 Elizabeth Allier

Author's Note

Elizabeth Allier
Kinda not finished

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even though it's kinda not finshed it
is still very good. you just keep getting better

Posted 15 Years Ago

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Added on April 5, 2009


Elizabeth Allier
Elizabeth Allier

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