Hell's Backdoor

Hell's Backdoor

A Story by Elizabeth Allier

An Introduction for Nero.


Hell’s Backdoor


“Who is X?”

                It was a simple question and Simon opened his mouth to answer it but stopped and grimaced instead. He turned slightly to look at the young man sitting next to him on the hood of his Charger. He appeared fifteen and no one would guess that he had just been born a few weeks earlier. He studied him, black locks fell around his handsome face; he wore a black T-shirt with the words All-American Psycho written in maroon script and black jeans on his sinewy frame. His eyes were clouded mercury and flickered blue-violet in the light; there was no emotion in those eyes, just a void. Simon sighed and watched as the boy dug in his pocket for a cigarette, he placed the death stick to his lips, lit it and took a drag. He reached over and took it from him, “You’re too young for smokes Nero.”

                The young man laughed softly breaking the mask for a moment, “I kill people every night but I’m too young for smokes Simon?”

                Simon nodded, “Exactly.” He put the cigarette to his own lips and took a drag, letting it out slowly. He looked forward again and sighed, “You got a job tonight.”

                Nero nodded and leaned back, he put his arms behind his head, “The Walton Resident.” He amended with a shrug, “A mom, a dad, infant, and ten year old daughter. Nothing big. Father is Eli Walton; he’s being terminated for selling secrets to adversaries.”

                Simon shook his head with a laugh, “Killing a family is nothing big? You are the Devil Nero…” He said sardonically.

                He looked at him closely, “Do you call me that because it’s what they named me?”

                Simon cocked a brow at him, “Who?”

                He looked him in the eye, “My parents.”

                He nodded, “Yes, your mother named you Nero Julius Hawthorne but you’re the government’s child and to them you’re X.” He muttered, “You are X.”

                Nero nodded and looked forward again.


                {11:35 PM; Walton Residence}


                He stood over Eli Walton and dug his talons into his face, Mrs. Walton lay dead on the couch covering the body of their daughter. Simon stood in the shadows watching him, they were aware of each other but Simon wouldn’t intervene with his hit. Nero licked the blood from his fingers and stared down at the man, he smiled cruelly. “Daddy?” A child’s voice inquired from the hallway. There was no hesitation as Nero pulled the gun from the holster at his back and pulled the trigger. Eli Walton screamed and craned his neck to see the damage done to his infant son. The child had dropped his teddy bear and was crying in pain, he could see the lead of the bullet in his left eye and the blood dripping down his face onto his powder blue footed pajamas. Nero padded over to the child and picked him up in his arms, he touched a bloody finger to his nose and hushed him, the child’s head dipped a little and his blond ringlets fell across his face making Nero think of Cherubs. The toddler tried to touch his eye, the source of his pain but Nero held his small hand back. The clouded mercury of his eyes dispersed, there was only the black of his pupils among the white and then two more black rings appeared around it. He smiled at the little boy before digging his finger into the bullet-wounded eye, the child screamed and wiggled as he pulled the lead from the socket; there was blood and other bodily fluids that coated the toddler’s face. Nero turned to Eli who looked on in horror and struggled against his bindings. The young man leaned down and stuffed the bullet into the man’s mouth, forcing him to swallow it. He choked and vomited on himself. Nero laughed coldly and turned his attention back to the boy, he was unconscious now but still alive, his tiny head lolled back. Nero ran his hand over the little boy’s belly, he was warm and full of pulsating blood; he felt all his teeth lengthen in pointed fangs, he ripped open the pajamas to reveal the warm flesh underneath and dipped his head, digging teeth into skin. Hot blood filled his mouth and he swallowed it down, digging deeper to the organs underneath. He lifted his head, blood dripping down his face, bits of an organ in his mouth as he held his head back and swallowed. Eli Walton screeched in revulsion at the scene and tried to turn away from it. Nero let the body fall from his arms and turned to the man, he made a show of licking the blood from his lips. Simon felt a twinge of pride for his protégée.


© 2009 Elizabeth Allier

Author's Note

Elizabeth Allier
Its kinda violent...

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Added on June 22, 2009


Elizabeth Allier
Elizabeth Allier

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