Just an Idea

Just an Idea

A Story by Lizzie A.

Snippet of a story that I jotted down a while ago.


Maybe. Just maybe, things would be different this time.


I looked into his eyes, at his out-stretched hand.

Battling against everything inside of me that screamed to back away, I took it.





There was an increasing ringing in my ears…. I couldn’t shake it off.

What the hell?


Why does it feel like my chest is burning up?


I didn’t realize that my eyes were shut until I pried them open.


The funny thing is....once you open your eyes, you tend to see things. Like your best friend's deathly pale face, for example. 

Lifeless eyes not three inches away from my own. Blood was everywhere. So much blood…..


The ringing increased.


It took me a moment to understand that someone was screaming. I was screaming.



Here’s something about loss that you don’t understand until it actually happens to you.

There’s an iron band around your chest, wrapping tighter and tighter. You physically can’t stand up. That’s why you’re now on your knees, choking out your friends name.

Incoherently asking for another chance.

Begging her to stay with you.

Pleading with the cooling body beside you. 


Because if you lose her, you will lose yourself.


Something snapped.

Something inside of you just…….snapped.


The shaking started violently, and control over limbs now seemed a fleeting and humorous affair. 

Where did I find a knife?


Oh right. Beside my friends slit wrists.

The bruises on her body were still fresh.

I am going to find him…….. I am going to make him pay……….


You knew where he lived. Where he hung out. Who he hung out with.


The pavement blurred into one long line.

The icy air of the night burned your throat.

You tripped and cut your leg ……..never run with a knife in your hand …….

All the better though. I want to feel this. Let me feel this pain.

Because. I. Will. F*****g. Kill him.






© 2022 Lizzie A.

Author's Note

Lizzie A.
Very beginner writer. I've always liked jotting down ideas, maybe someone can use them.

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Added on January 2, 2022
Last Updated on January 2, 2022


Lizzie A.
Lizzie A.

CAMBRIDGE, Ontario, Canada

Subpar writer, really just enjoy drabbling. Music is my much more developed talent ;) Hoping that whatever I have to share helps someone in a small way. more..