The Forest

The Forest

A Poem by Lizzie A.

Seeing through the eyes of a child once again.


I can almost hear the echoes of our childhood

Hours spent at the creek

Toes in the water

Sun dried on the bank

Mud wars

The soft trickle of the stream

The rush of the breeze

Shrieks of laughter

Houses and structures from branches, vines

Our minds transformed them into whole new worlds and realms

We were royalty on the run

Refugees and bandits

Pioneers and prisoners

Elves and animals

War cries

Battle fields

The defeat of the enemy

The chase of the pursuers

Furtive whispers as we hid in the trees

Our eyes saw the forest come alive

Sour apples

Creek water

Baked roots

Foraging, herbal teas

We were the travelling healers

We were invincible

Swinging in the trees

Knowing the trails

Knowing your way home in the dark

Finding the secret places


Refuge in the quiet

Calm for an anxious heart

The questions asked, tears shed

The trees and animals heard

But no one minded

The forest closed its arms around a shivering soul

The makers mark was everywhere

It was impossible to stay in the dark




Ears attuned to the sounds around you

Turning back time

Stopping the clock

You see it in flashes


The story of your lives entwined

The forest holds the stories for the remembering


© 2022 Lizzie A.

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Wonderfully written. Your poem is certainly intriguing, it grabs an attention. I wish you lot of success.

Posted 2 Weeks Ago

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Lizzie A.

2 Weeks Ago

Thank you so much!!
This is a wonderful write here.....

Posted 2 Weeks Ago

Lizzie A.

2 Weeks Ago

Aw thank you I appreciate that :)
Those first lines walked me through my childhood memories which we never will get back :"(

Posted 2 Weeks Ago

Lizzie A.

2 Weeks Ago

I know right..... we take childhood for granted.

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3 Reviews
Added on January 4, 2022
Last Updated on January 4, 2022


Lizzie A.
Lizzie A.

CAMBRIDGE, Ontario, Canada

Subpar writer, really just enjoy drabbling. Music is my much more developed talent ;) Hoping that whatever I have to share helps someone in a small way. more..