Getting Back Into The Groove (Little By Little!)

Getting Back Into The Groove (Little By Little!)

A Poem by Mercury Mirrors

Tidbits: I havent been able to write a whole piece yet (no time.) But that hasnt stopped me from enjoy my scribbles?

Tidbit #1:

Grasping at straws of your bipolar affection.
Scared for my life (you've gotten past the defenses.)
The landmines set around my heart for protection.
Are malfuncioning just like all of my senses.

Tidbit #2:

It's such a cruelty, what you put me through.
Running me through Cupid's obstacle course.
Helpless to critisize or question what you do.
You're controlling my actions with invisible force.

Tidbit #3:

I want my world to crack open with the force of love and lust combined.
When we come together it's a sight that's elegant yet unrefined.
I love how perfectly we both fell into this design.
All those nights I spent pining now just look, you are mine.

© 2009 Mercury Mirrors

Author's Note

Mercury Mirrors
i know i know all serious love crap, but im having relationship troubles and so this is what my mind is on.

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Added on November 24, 2009


Mercury Mirrors
Mercury Mirrors

Pensacola, FL

Okay, for lack of time, (and most of all for the sake of nostalgia for my angsty and self-absorbed teenage years), I have ripped one of those ancient myspace surveys from the forgotten planes of the i.. more..

ily. ily.

A Poem by Mercury Mirrors