A Poem by Logan Carryall

The word 'immaculate'.


I dreamt of Montana,

For, in the passing fields

of gold and green

Upon the enchanted highway,

By way of North Dakota

I stood


My soul crept from beneath,

Souring but a mountainous eye to the sky

And through this eye I leapt


Sudden munitions of power,

Carried by the dead,


By the birds that held dearly to their line

A crowing multitude,

And to such a vantage that I now beheld

A crown of immaculate gold

tarrying streaks as if stakes

Through the low sky ceiling of shifting Cobalt,


By and By, to this row I knew

That beyond the rushing fields,

within the vale

Lay the impartial throne of God,

Fire as coals upon this


And dethroning land, the reign of rebellion

Showing its vestige, 

For the Lord is leviathan, swallowing


The children of pride


© 2009 Logan Carryall

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one time i dreamt of a piece of land. just a square and it was dead. and a power line leading to nowhere in particular. i saw a bird drowning in no water. but then that was north and i was already south. sometimes there is no going back. this reminded me of that in another universe, or from another time, like looking in a mirror and squinting and trying to hold yourself upside down.

Posted 11 Years Ago

I had forgotten how much I like you.

I am having a no-duh moment.

Posted 12 Years Ago

Very interesting stuff, man. Nice imagery. The idea of uniting the old Devil Leviathan as God Himself, showing the two as never seperate, but always one being, is so completely heretical and fantastic.

Posted 12 Years Ago

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Logan Carryall
Logan Carryall

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