Chapter 2: New Beginnings

Chapter 2: New Beginnings

A Chapter by Kyle

Chapter 2 of Us Against the World deals with Fiona's and Johnny's transistion to college.


"Morning Jon-Jon", Fiona said to her brother as he walked down the stairs. "Sleep good?" Johnny looked at her and he smiled. "Of course Fi, this apartment sure is cozy. We got it better then most of the students here." Fiona laughed "Well we did work our asses off all summer to get this place, so we might as well enjoy it." Fiona had fixed breakfest for her and Johnny. "Sure glad you can cook Fi, or else we'd starve." Fiona rolled her eyes, "Well Jon-Jon, we cant afford to burn this place down so leave the cooking to me." Johnny gave her a evil look, "Sis, I've said it many times and its true. I forgot I had food cooking that day." Fiona was kidding Johnny about the time they had firefighters rushing to their apartment because Johnny had caught his food on fire after falling asleep during a round of PGA golf on TV. "You nervous?" Fiona asked Johnny. "Yeah, I mean it took me two tries to get into this place and if my grades arnt up to par I wont get another chance, so yeah this semester is going to be stressful." Fiona took his hand, "Don't worry Jon, you can do it. Always remember I'm here for you. It's us against the world, and Decamore is just another challenge for us. One I'm sure we will conquer, just like the others that have passed. However, we are college students so we have to enjoy this time as well." Johnny smiled, "Your right Fi-Fi, nothing will ever stop us. Its pretty cool that we managed to get three classes together as well. I'm sure we will make good study buddies just like back in the high school days." They finished their breakfest and headed off to their first day of college.


Johnny sat on the couch when he got back from class. He waited for his sister to come home so he could join her for lunch. As a treat for her, he ordered take out. No, he did not cook it but he did order her favorite food. She came through the door and looked at the table. Instantly she ran to him and gave him a hug. "Thanks Jon-Jon, you have no idea how much this means to me. I've had such a stressful day!" Johnny smiled and said "You and I both. First day of classes and I'm already falling behind. So much work, so little time." Fiona laughed, "They do that so we can have no time to party and ruin our lives." Fiona and Johnny ate their food and shared stories from the first half of their first day as college students at Decamore. After eating, they went to their afternoon classes.


When Johnny came home, he smelled his favorite food cooking. "No she did not" thought Johnny. Sure enough, she had. He walked over to her and gave her a hug. "Trying to outdue me for lunch?" asked Johnny. Fiona giggled, "Jon, I always outdue you." Johnny rolled his eyes jokenly. "Fair enough" he said. As they ate dinner they reminiced about their past and how they had gotten to where they were now. "Sis, I'm so proud of you" said Johnny. Not one to be outdid, Fiona countered. "I'm even prouder of you." They enjoyed their dinner together. Here they were, so far away from where they once were. Together, they faced the world. United, brother and sister. After dinner, Johnny and Fiona cleaned up. Fiona went to take a shower and Johnny turned on the game. As he relaxed, his cell rang. He looked at the number and hesitated but decicded to answer. "Mom, is that you?"

© 2010 Kyle

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Added on July 30, 2010
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