Monkey in a Cage

Monkey in a Cage

A Poem by LonelySoul

I see the world, in this day and age,
my mind drifts off, into a blinding rage...
Corrupt governments,with thier lives on a stage,
We the People are just Monkies in a Cage...
People come and people go,
some won't stop to even say "Hello"...
They live thier lives in another world,
some you can't tell if it's a boy or a girl,
some won't sit still or they just can't stay,
and then there are others who just won't go away...
Now and then people like to joke and pick, but I'm
under a hornets nest that they poke with a stick,
So I get mad and throw crap in my rage,
don't blame me, I'm just a monkey in a cage...
It's like I'm in prison and can't have any fun,
when it comes to the work,I'm the only one,
if I don't do it myself, it just won't get done,
like a monkey in a cage with nowhere to run...
I play my part the best that I can,
how much can I do, I'm a disabled old man,
like a puppet on a stage with only one fan,
this monkey in a cage had to come up with a plan...
I did the best I could with what I had,
then they rattled my cage just to make me look bad,
like seeing me fail, will make them feel glad,
What some people did, just made me feel sad...
Some folks pointing little fingers of blame,
don't hide behind me to disguise your own shame,
those lies and excuses are really quite lame,
but the monkey in the cage had already seen the game...
So I get mad and throw crap in my rage,
don't blame me, I'm just an puppet on a stage,
I see the world in this day and age,
folks pounding thier chest with a war to wage,
how much longer we have, I'm unable to guage,
so don't blame me, I'm just a monkey in a cage...

© 2016 LonelySoul

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So well told my friend an observation of human nature. It flows so well and feels to good to read

Posted 3 Years Ago

I REALLY REALLY like this!! It's intense, passionate and thought provoling, and it sticks in my mind...:)

Posted 4 Years Ago

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Added on March 17, 2014
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Bernice, LA


Trump2020 Trump2020

A Poem by LonelySoul

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