Last Wolf

Last Wolf

A Poem by LonelySoul

a look at life through a wolf's eyes


Last Wolf

When I was a young pup,I knew just what I wanted,
To be the Alpha...of the Mountains that we Haunted,
Hunt the land,Rule my band,Killing what we Taunted,
Fast did I grow,Little did I know,I got Just What I Wanted...

We'd wrestle and play all day in the sun,
We'd take a nap when our playing was done,
We were learning to kill,we were becomming strong,
Our belly got filled,the days were becomming long...

As I was just learning,not sure how to speak,
I gave a howl,so young and so weak,
I was growing stronger,week after week,
Feeding from the kill,raiding the meek...

We'd stay in the shadows,far from other's band,
Then came a scent,Completely filling our land,
Machines and livestock,and the Stench of Man,
Fences or Walls,Shot or Trapped where we stand...

We all gave our cry into the night,
We all gave our try to win the fight,
We all gave a howl in the Bloody Moonlight,
A forgotten soul fed Our Wolf Pack tonight...

I gave a howl,so young and weak,
I grew stronger,week after week,
Feeding from the kill,raiding the meek,
I grew stronger,week after week...

I met The One,She'll be My B***h,
Our pack Will grow Strong,our Lives Will be Rich,
She soon became ready,I'll die for my b***h,
I'll rip out your throat,leave you for dead in a ditch...

We all gave a howl in the Bloody Moonlight,
A forgotten soul fed Our Wolf Pack tonight...

Then came the dangers,then came the Rangers,
They gave us a start,they gave us a dart,
Then life passed by,becomming stranger and stranger...

Loud Noises,Strange Sounds,now I'm falling to the ground,
I'm weak like a pup,I just can't get up,life swirling around,
I feel no danger,in the hands of a Ranger,but my body's jerking,
Now feeling stranger,because of this ranger,but he's just working...

I fall asleep,the deepest of sleep,and dream of My One and Only,
We'd run and Leap,then We'd kill a sheep,but now I'm just Lonely,
I awoke with a Growl,then gave a Howl,missing my One and Only...

these tracks go south into mankind,I must follow,to ease my own mind,
then I'll go south,into mankind,I know I must follow to free my own kind...

I gave My Howl Loud and Long,I gave my howl,Tall and Strong,
with my low growl,my path was long,some how I knew,all along,
I howled to the night,so Strong and Proud,
splitting the cold air,so long and so loud,
My mournful cry,sent into the sky,
I'm wondering why I got no reply...


......My Search Begins...untill it ends......


 I'm Sniffing,and Growling,I'm always prowling,
but never once, have I heard them howling...

Onward through this crusted snow,
to the concrete jungle I must go...
All along this forrest path,
I fear no preditor's wrath,
and small game is all around,
yet no wolf scent on the ground,
everywhere I look,no prints to be found,

Stopping only to Listen......

but still not a sound......

Onward I go,into the night,
scanning the trail in the soft moonlight,
hearing the rustle of an old grey owl,
he gave me a start,so I gave him a growl,
Deep in the forrest,I left him behind,
then I came across the strangest find...

Mountains and Canyons,with the stench of mankind...

It's curious to me,there's no leaves on this tree,
so lifting my leg,I gave it some pee,
if there's any one left...They'll know it was me...

All around me,this jungle looks bare,
the ruins of man, fowling the air...
Onward through this polluted hollow,
the scent of my pack is what I follow...

Darkest canyons of concrete and steel,
the deafening quiet,intensely surreal...

With the sound of my steps as they fall,
echoing softly from this cold grey hall,
echoing softly,I hear their faint calls,
carried on the wind,between these great walls...

The scent of my love,the scent of my pack,
I must let 'em know, that I have come back,
I climbed a great carcess, of rusted bones,
splitting the night air,I let 'em know I was home...

The loudest of howls went into the air,
but I heard no answers,none were there...

So I followed the scent,still fresh in my mind,
into the night,to find my own kind,
great beasts rumbling along a concrete path,
I'm darting and stumbling,I'm fearing mans wrath,
There she is!
My Alpha,My B***h!
But shaken and cold,alone in the ditch...

I run to her,my Love my Sweet,
We gave our last howl,as she died at my feet...

Now it's just me in the cold blowing sleet,
into the darkness,my tracks in the street...
So I search, this world all alone,
anything to eat,even gristle and bone,
tracking my way across this great land,
with only my thoughts,
am I the Last Wolf to stand?

Lonely and Cold,getting Hungry and Old...

Looking back one last time,
at maybe the last,of my own kind,
I had to let out my longest Cry,
to pierce tonight,the moonless sky...

I sent my howl into the night,
I cried it out with all my might,
Atop this carcass of rusting bones,
I knew that night I was alone...

Then Her Spirit lifted,I saw into her soul,
it was right then,I knew it was time to go,
I'll love her always,She Loved me I know,
Run away from here,she wants me to go...

Into the darkness to find something to eat,
sniffinging the ally and trash cans for meat,
staying away from the horror in the street,
Great Beasts rumbling,spewing their smelly heat...

I know I must go,before my own demise,
I'll use darkness and shadows as my disguise,
I'll just keep moving,until morning's sunrise,
I'll stay away from man,and their sorry lies...

I follow my hunger,my need to feed,
fighting off starvation,not for greed,
I follow my hunger, to fill my gut,
with hunger gnawing,I'll just kill this mutt...

No time to cry,no time to pout,
I've got to get away,from the shot that rang out,
exploding the darkness,it left me no doubt,
Fleeing  into the night,I had to get out!

As fast as I can,I ran from that man,
Before another, Deadly shot rang out...

Away,Far away, from these Canyons of steel,
I know I must stay,out from under man's heel,
back to my home,to the mountains I feel,
Away,Far away, from these Canyons of steel...

Past another mutt in the safety of a yard,
domestic and weak,he thinks he's a guard,
I trott past a restless, cow smelling farm,
stay to the shadows,keeping from harm...

Looking back,only seeing my tail,
all is ok as I entered Bison's Trail,
past a lonely windmill,covered with frost,
sending my thoughts to the one I had lost...

When Her Spirit lifted,I saw into her soul,
it was right then,I knew it was time to go,
I'll love her always,She Loved me I know,
Run away from here,she wants me to go...

I gave another howl,splitting the air,
listening for a sound,getting nowhere,
there must be a pack in the mountains up there,
I must tell 'em I'm back,let 'em know that I care...

All was silent as the snow drifted down,
With only my tracks,imprinting the ground,
they'll be gone soon,I must be on my way,
I'll find some sleep,when the sun warms the day...

Everything is quiet,no deer and no bear,
I was still hungry,so I'll kill me a hare,
I love the rabbit,such tender meat,
fresh blood tasting so tender and sweet...


Happening one day along my way,
Something New was Here to Stay...


I saw a Lonely One,Napping in the Morning Sun,
I thought to Myself,she could be The One...
I saw she was Alone,I wanted Her for My Own,
I'll Keep Her Safe,I'll Keep Her Warm,
I'll Fight for Her,Free from Harm...
I'll Die for Her,for Our Love at All Cost,
Then my thoughts Returned to the One I had Lost...
When her Spirit Lifted,I saw into Her Soul,
I'll Love Her Forever,She Loved Me I Know...
Ghosts from my past,they Haunted me,
Slippery little Demons,they Taunted me...
I'd look all around,no prints to be found,
I'd sniff all around,for odd scent on the ground...
Sometimes I feel,something comming to me,
Some Fleeting thought,Somebody watching me...
Hearing a rustle,bringing me back,
A Startled Growl,am I under Attack?
Now I feel Silly,it's just Her comming Near,
now I feel silly,but I'm Happy She's Here...
While Locking our Eyes,I soon Realize,
Smelling her Scent,and My Surprize...
I can't be wrong,so tall and Strong,
Howling our Love,we sing our song,
this B***h is pure,this one's no Mutt,
Melting into Her Eyes,I Must Sniff Her Butt...
I Must Stand Strong,I Must Stand Tall,
Show her I'm no Pup,I'm the Alpha, after all...
I AM THE ALPHA This is where I Stand,
I AM THE ALPHA,My Scent Covers this Land...
We Made our Love,that day in the sun,
Now she's my B***h,My Only One...
We'd Frolic and hunt,on our nightly prowls,
On Moonlit nights,We gave Mighty Howls...
We'd Howl to the Sky after Bloody Fights,
Give our Best Cry to the Bloody Moonlight...
Then Came her Time,under a Silver Full Moon,
Softly she cried,Her Pups are Birthing Soon...
Approaching with Caution,and a Nice Tender Hare,
Hearing the Sounds of,A Dragons Lair?
Tilting my head,Could it be,I just gotta see?
Seven New Pups,all Growling at me...
Two Sweet Little Girls,comming into this world,
Five little Boys,I'm Now Filling up with Joy!
Our Pack will Grow,Healthy and Strong,
The Moonlit nights will Hear Our Song,
Our Pack will be Rich,Our Lives will Belong...
But Something's still Haunting me,
Slippery Little Demons Taunting me,
I know it will always hide in my mind,
This little Demon Smells like Mankind...
Deep in my Forrest,Hidden in my trees,
Deep in my Bones,I know he's watching me...
I Fear Some Night, I Fear we'll Find,
Where he's Cleverly Hidden his Blind,
I can't Promise,it won't be a fight,
But Another Forgotten Soul,
May feed my pack that night...
Another Lonely Howl,
in the Dark Moonlight...

© LonelySoul

© 2009 LonelySoul

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wow. Very long and detailed. this is a complete story in poem form. Absolutely perfect!

Posted 10 Years Ago

Whoa!!! This freakin' blew me a-WAY, LonelySoul! Epic right off the bat (n' I love, love, love your opening: "When I was a young pup,I knew just what I wanted/To be the Alpha...of the Mountains that we Haunted/Hunt the land,Rule my band,Killing what we Taunted/Fast did I grow,Little did I know,I got Just What I Wanted..") and just plain relentless in the storytelling! Life n' death battles! N' it never, ever lets up!

Love the story, n' the way you tell it! GREAT, GREAT STUFF! ㋡

Posted 10 Years Ago

A wonderfully poetic story with great imagery... I felt it unfolding in front of my eyes.

Posted 10 Years Ago

1 of 1 people found this review constructive.

Quite the piece of work I think if used as a poem not a story I would trim it down as I like to take things down to their nexus

Posted 10 Years Ago

This was a fantastic journey through the life of a wolf and how mankind has pushed into it's world. You're descriptions and visuals were full and rich, which added as a wonderful mix to the emotions you carried throughout the piece.

Very Enjoyable.

Posted 10 Years Ago

2 of 2 people found this review constructive.

dam this was amazing
great write

Posted 11 Years Ago

1 of 1 people found this review constructive.

Wow, that was incredibly powerful!
Amazing and rich in detail!!

Posted 11 Years Ago

1 of 1 people found this review constructive.

I am a big believer in the wolf and about the survival of the fittest. Excellent poetry. A definite pleasure to read.

Posted 11 Years Ago

1 of 1 people found this review constructive.

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