the Elk and Wolf

the Elk and Wolf

A Poem by LonelySoul

Elk and Wolf...
One Day the Elk was rutting around,Bushes covered in a fresh snowfall,and along prowls a wolf,not hunting but just sniffing for mice as snacks along his path,as it was a long one...the Elk misunderstood why the lone wolf was there,and threatened him with his mighty rack of antlers,points all freshly sharpened,and ready for Battle,aimed at the wolf who went along,unaware of the hate in the elks eyes...the Wolf was startled by this mad Elk,and asked him of this anger he holds,the Elk only lowered his horns and did not give a reply...
this only angered the wolf and he questioned the Elk again...
only to be rushed by this mad Elk on a head down charge,
blinded by his own angers and misunderstandings...
seeing this,the Wolf only had to side-step,
to watch the Elk speed by him and crash into a large grey boulder in the small stream...Stuck...
the Wolf began to howl in laughter,and his brothers heard this call and came running in from far away to see this Elk,stuck in the small stream attached to this rock,unable to move in any direction...the other wolves wanted to eat the Elk,and the White Wolf Stopped them...
Telling them NO...Let him stay in his own Hate and Ignorance and angers...this will remind him why we are the Predators and they are the Prey,and none of us need this to be absorbed into our blood,or given to our families,now do we?
and the message is:
 why be blinded by hate,
when True understanding is a better tool for the mind to play with and grow...a Happy Life.

© 2009 LonelySoul

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Bernice, LA


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