Wind,Rain and the Butterfly

Wind,Rain and the Butterfly

A by LonelySoul


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the Wind and Rain and the Butterfly
As the wind howled outside the rain licked it's way down the windows,loose shutters,slamming at the storm.
The old House was in protest of the weather's fury,but could do little about it, but groan in pain and dismay.
Night grew colder as the storm blew out,and a full silver moon came out to play among the clouds.
a Wolf howled in the hills telling of a hunt in progress,and soon to be kill on a  next hill or valley over.
My prayers go to the people to keep safe out there fighting in the nightmares of darkness and storm.
My warm fireplace is aglow with memories and flickers of new dreams,dancing little thoughts,
new sparkles of new poetry,other issues and things to think about,my mind wanders again and I drift off...
Going in many directions at once,my mind races through the clouds,over mountain tops,ignoring weather.
Wind has no affect on my wings,the Rain only cleans the air I fly through tonight...where am I going?
In the morning I'm going to try to remember this dream,but for now, I'm just going with it... to see...
Where am I going?
The landscape speeds past in a blur,unknown was my own speed as I race across the land.
I'm slowing now and seem to focus in on a tiny thing in a large open dry place...a Dessert...and a...huh?
Why was I brought here?
To stand alone in the hot dry place,looking at only one small flower?Where does this flower get it's water?
As I bent to take a closer look at the beautiful flower way out here all alone,I wondered...
how,why and where is the water?
I looked at, and into, or sniffed everything the flower had to offer...
but it was just a flower in a dessert...
I studied it for a bit of time when a small butterfly came along,and with it was a tiny droplet of moisture,
as the butterfly kissed the flower, the moisture was drank in by the flower and the butterfly then told me,
in a voice like a tiny bell's song...
This Flower is my Love,for it I will Live,
this love is my flower,for me does it Give,
we share our common need,
and our own common bonds,
the flower gives necture and pollen,
while I bring sweet water for the fronds,
out here water is precious,wind is all we find,
what we get out here,we must give back in kind...
As the Rain hit my windows the loose shutters awoke my little nap,
and shattered my dream as if it were a window pane itself,in scattered little pieces on the floor.
I looked at my little fire going still,but in a softer glow,and got a glimps of sparkles on the floor between...
was it broken glass?Glitter?but when I got up to it... for a closer look,
Tiny droplets of water... as if a wet butterfly had walked across my floor,
leaving tiny footprints heading towards my fireplace to warm up and dry out...But,was it a dream?

© 2009 LonelySoul


Touches my heart.....almost made me cry. Again the's ,so true that just a tiny bit of caring can produce so much positive result.. :)

Posted 3 Years Ago

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interesting. Liked the whole dream idea. It was very true- love gives us life,as well as gives life to others. Nice.

This review was written for a previous version of this writing

Posted 11 Years Ago

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Bernice, LA


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