Anonymous Hate

Anonymous Hate

A Poem by Jonathon Wood

Anonymous hate has become the strongest form of hatred expressed towards people now a days. Whether it's expressed through social media or social gossip group it's destroying humanity.

When did it come down this? We no longer miss the outdoor adventures we once ventured into as children. Instead we're buildin' anonymous hate like it's fate for a young girl to contemplate. Secretly loathing her existence, so pessimistic she no longer ponders instead she just wonders down the barren road. Her plate is filled with hate it's too late to say that you're 'sorry', to say that you worry, cause the furry built inside will find the ones who defined it's existence. Whether she becomes successful or regretful she owes it all to you. Still don't have a clue? Well f**k you. Keep playin' dumb cause I'm done. Have your fun, but expect no respect except from the ones that hate you about as much as you hate yourself. No true wealth will come your way until you change the hellish demon livin' your life. 
Anonymous hate has a date with destiny. It's no mystery, it's fate. These two destined to meet. Anonymous hate at the feet of destiny. Not daring to cheat her out of the respect she deserves. Now observe as we rise up, and destroy those who belong to the clan of anonymous hate. 
This isn't real to you is it? You're livin' in an 8-bit world. S**t, open your eyes. I'm on my way to a revival teachin' nothin' but survival, gatherin' some disciples to preach the message of hope without dope. Pause. Gotta take a break cause already I'm not fake. You can't handle that can you? Let's have a chat before you end up flat on the floor and drug out the door as you mourn for your past sins. Atonement is gone. Dawn is on fast approach and by the end you'll end up a roach compared to the rest. It's best if you flee. Don't scheme your return, don't deem yourself worthy that's absurd. You deserve everything comin' your way. 

© 2013 Jonathon Wood

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Added on May 20, 2013
Last Updated on May 20, 2013
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Jonathon Wood
Jonathon Wood

Greenwood, AR

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