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Mark and Jennifer

Mark and Jennifer

A Story by Jason Scott

Mark and Jennifer is a short story about a woman falling in love with a geeky but charismatic man. But with an unexpected twist.

Mark and Jennifer

 She sat motionless in her chair while surrounded by friends, family, co-workers, and acquaintances engaged in hearty conversation. Despite being a wake, the mood was more jubilant than one would expect. But that is because it was Mark's wake. A guy so full of charisma and charm, he could even make his own wake cheerful. It was almost surreal.

Mark's best friend took the vacant seat next to Jennifer. He wrapped his arm around her and asked her how she was doing. But she only stared ahead vacantly at Mark's body in the coffin. Mark's sudden death had shocked everyone. He was so full of life and possessed a great deal of charisma. He was on the thin side and a bit geeky looking, with a perpetually receding hairline. Yet he had the most welcoming smile. It was warm and sincere. 

Mark was always in a good mood and never was without a positive outlook. He always knew what to say, how to say it, and when to say it, without coming across as brash or cocky. When Mark was around everyone was in a better mood. When he was absent everyone noticed.  Mark's kindness and sincerity was truly genuine. And that was one of the many reasons Jennifer fell in love with him.

Jennifer met Mark several years ago through a friend at a social gathering. Initially she felt he was a bit too geeky for her, so she politely rejected his advances. Undaunted Mark continued to pursue her. Through his politeness and persistence, she finally caved into to his charm and found herself reluctantly falling for this man. He was a gentlemen all the way through. He asked how her day was. He held the door for her. He changed her tire in the pouring rain. And even rescued her kitten from a storm drain. Jennifer helplessly fell in love with warm and gentle man. 

Jennifer wondered how could she have possibly almost rejected Mark. Mark made her feel like the most beautiful woman in the world, like no other woman could compare to her. She couldn't believe how lucky she was. Life with Mark was blissful. Even though he never mentioned a word about engagement or marriage. Jennifer tried to leave subtle hints, but Mark never seemed to pick up on them. 

Late one night, while lying beside Mark in bed, Jennifer's mind became enveloped in a swirl of dark thoughts. What if she were to lose Mark? Jennifer trusted him completely. But there were plenty of other women who would value Mark. And why wouldn't he propose? Was he thinking of leaving her? Jennifer rolled over on her back and opened her eyes. She stared at the ceiling in the darkness. Losing Mark would be horrible. But losing Mark to another woman? That would be simply unbearable. This thought possessed her mind as the darkness gave way to the morning light. 

Mark left for work the next morning following this normal routine. He returned home to find Jennifer in the kitchen cooking his favorite meal.  He relaxed on the couch as she cooked. The tantalizing aroma over taking his olfactory senses. 

Jennifer made his favorite dish, Adobo just the way he liked it. This was something she relished in. She added just the right amount of ingredients for the perfect level of spiciness. She even added something extra, a dash or two of Succinylcholine. Jennifer lovingly set the plate in front of Mark and smiled at him sweetly as he ate. 

Her thoughts were then interrupted by another friend of Mark's. She told Jennifer if she ever needed anyone to talk to, she would be there for her. Jennifer nodded politely and stared ahead at Mark's body in the coffin. He would always be hers, now that no other woman could ever have him. 


© 2019 Jason Scott

Author's Note

Jason Scott
I simply like short stories with dark and macabre tones. If you continue to read my works will see that this is an almost constant recurring theme.

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Added on June 30, 2019
Last Updated on October 12, 2019
Tags: Love, insecurity, Funeral, murder, possessive


Jason Scott
Jason Scott

St. Petersburg, FL

I enjoy short story writing. I welcome criticism. I simply want to share my writing. I initially started posting short stories on Facebook that I called "Snipits" Because they were VERY short in lengt.. more..