Cuda '71

Cuda '71

A Story by Jason Scott

A high school student is given permission to take his Dad's Barracuda for a drive. However he is pulled over after taking it for a ride on a closed road encircling a creepy abandon rock quarry.


CUDA '71

Casey tore down the road along side the abandon rock quarry. The Plymouth gleaned like a priceless blue jewel in the sunlight. Casey stuck his head out the window like a dog and laughed his head off. He was having just too good of a time. Casey was in his senior year in high school and his dad had promised him if his grades were good he could take the Barracuda for a spin. His dad kept that promise.

Casey fish tailed at the dead end of the dirt road. Causing a sizable dust cloud and throwing bits of gravel everywhere. Casey hesitated at the end of the road. He wondered if he should head home or take the Cuda for one last lap around the rock quarry. As he contemplated what to do he gazed upon the quarry through the settling dust cloud. It had been abandoned for years and was in complete disarray. The plant was covered in rust. Parts of it had fallen off from the main structure. Other parts of the plant were leaning over from years of neglect, looking like they could topple over at any moment. The forest had begun to reclaim the land the plant was situated on. Trees had encroached within the plant, growing in odd ways twisting themselves among the decaying beams and dilapidated structure. They stood out against the drab gray and rust of the plant with lush green foliage.

Casey had heard urban legends about the plant. How people were murdered there. That a drug induced cult once took refuge in its deteriorating remains. Even stories about a serial killer dragging his victims deep within the decrepit confines of the plant, raping them before brutally murdering them. There are those that say you can still hear the agonized screams of the murder victims to this day. Some people have said that these were no more than mere stories meant to keep people away. While others have said that the stories were true, to some extent.

Casey remembered how some kids he knew older than him, had ventured out to the quarry to see if any of these rumors were true. Of the three only one came back. The other two had suffered “accidental” deaths. Stories circulated that the survivor murdered them in a manner that would seem accidental. But there were others who said the plant itself had killed them. It's vengeful apparitions taking their lives. After an intensive investigation the survivor was cleared of any wrong doings. But he was never the same afterwards, and took his own life several months later. A sense of unease came over Casey. He knew he wasn't supposed to be here. Nobody was allowed to be on this road. Casey finally turned his attention straight ahead. Smiling to himself he though just one more lap.

The 'Cuda handled like a dream. It's motor roared like a lion as the car sped down the dirt road leaving a trail of dust behind it like a jet leaving exhaust in the sky. Casey was about to finally head home when saw the sight he most feared. In his rear view mirror through the clouds of dust Casey saw the flashing of red and blue lights behind him. Casey's stomach sank and the smile was wiped clean off of his face as he slowed down and pulled the Barracuda over to the shoulder. Deep regret overcame him. Why didn't he just go home? His Dad would surely kill him. He wasn't supposed to be out here on this road either. He probably would never be allowed to take the 'Cuda out ever again.

As Casey waited for the Sheriff to get out of his car he glanced over at the quarry. He noticed one small building situated on the highest structure of the quarry plant. All it's windows were shattered. Suddenly a large black crow flew out of one the shattered windows.

Casey heard the Sheriff get out of his car and close his door. He could hear the Sheriff coming as each foot step crunched on the gravel getting louder and louder as he drew closer. Casey gripped the steering wheel tightly as his palms started to sweat. He could feel his heart beating faster and louder. What would he say to the Sheriff? What would he tell his Dad?

The Sheriff peered into Casey's window. He appeared to be in his early fifties. He wore dark sunglasses that concealed his eyes. His cheeks and nose were sunburned. He had a almost comically large pot belly. His face bore no expression. Finally Casey mustered up the courage to speak. “Is there something wrong Sheriff?” Casey asked as politely as he could.

The Sheriff continued to stare back at Casey for several more seconds, a sense of anxiety overcame him. “Son, just what the hell do you think you are doing?” The Sheriff asked. “I was just going for drive sir.” Said Casey through a nervous smile. “A drive?!” Shouted the Sheriff. “Son you call that a drive!?” Casey wanted to say something back but was at a loss for words. “Reckless driving, speeding, driving on a closed road.” The Sheriff rattled on. “That ain't driving boy” Startled Casey looked out his passenger side window and saw the Deputy. Casey never even heard him walk up to the car.

Son, I am going to have to ask you to step out of the car.” Casey was really worried now. “Am I under arrest? Casey asked nervously. “Just do what the Sheriff asked you to do.” Said the Deputy curtly. Casey stepped out of the car and Sheriff got into the car. Casey was flummoxed by the Sheriff's behavior. As the Sheriff settled himself into the car he removed his dark sunglasses revealing beady blue eyes. “Man oh man.” Said the Sheriff under his breath, a sense of admiration in his tone. “She is a beaut.” “It is my Dad's car.” Said Casey. “Really son? I thought maybe you bought her with your part time job at Walmart.” Said the Sheriff sounding irritated. This caused a sudden guffaw to escape from the Deputy, who Casey was really starting to dislike.

But I can see why you might drive this car the way you did. Your Daddy must have taught you how to drive really well.” Said the Sheriff. “Yes he did sir” Answered Casey earnestly. “In fact I bet you thought you was one of them Nascar drivers.” Casey shyly shook his head. “Maybe you thought you was Kyle Busch?” The Sheriff continued, as a smile started to spread across his sunburned cheeks. “Umm no sir.” Casey said sheepishly. “Well maybe 2 Fast 2 Furious? Casey laughed a little shaking his head. “Or how about maybe you was thinking you was Steve McQueen? Casey laughed and again shook his head. “Son, who is Steve McQueen? The Sheriff asked in a sudden and serious tone.

Huh?” Said a bewildered Casey “Steve McQueen. I am asking you who is Steve McQueen?” The Sheriff's face was once again expressionless. “Ummm, I don't really know. A driver from back... a while back. Or something?” Casey answered uncomfortably. “Son, if you don't know who Steve McQueen is then why the hell are you laughing?” Casey just stood there not knowing what to say and feeling very foolish. The awkward silence was broken when the Deputy cleared his throat.

The Sheriff finally climbed out of the Barracuda, but not without some difficulty. He walked over to the shoulder of the road and stared at something at the far side of the rock quarry. “Son come over here.” Casey walked over to the Sheriff. “You see that Bobcat out there?” Casey looked out at the far side of the rock quarry, straining his eyes to see. But his eyes couldn't find any Bobcat. “I don't see it.” Said a somewhat confused and frustrated Casey. “Right there son, you blind?” The Sheriff pointed dramatically with agitation in his voice. Casey strained harder to find this Bobcat. As he did this the Sheriff took a step back and with one swift movement pulled his gun from his holster and shot Casey through the back of the head, killing him instantly. Casey's lifeless body crumpled to the ground.

Goddamn Hugh! Don't you think you could have warned me?” Shouted the Deputy. “Well what the hell did you think I was about to do Barry, you dumb a*s?” Hugh placed a boot on Casey's body and shoved it down the ravine and into the quarry. At first Casey's body slid down the ravine, but then turned over and over as it rolled down the steep incline into the quarry. As it gained momentum Casey's lanky body twisted and turned in a violent grisly manner, kicking up dust and stones as it continued it's descent to the bottom of the quarry. Finally his body came to a rest more than 200 feet down. Every bone in Casey's bloodied body was shattered as it laid there in broken gruesome heap.

Back on the road the two men quickly changed out of their uniforms. They detached the police light bar from the roof of the sedan and peeled off the Sheriff department decals from it's doors. “Well one thing I can say is that this Barracuda will net us a pretty fine pay day.” Said Hugh in a cheerful voice. “But that car is gonna be hot Hugh. Are you sure we can even sell it” Asked Barry with concern in his voice. But Hugh was already shaking his head. “Barry you should know by now that the people we deal with don't care how we got, where we got it, just as long as we got it.” Barry nonchalantly nodded his head as he walked over to the Barracuda. But Hugh only glared at him. I will drive the 'Cuda you drive the Sedan. Barry scowled at Hugh. I did the dirty work. With that the two men quickly left the scene.

The men immediately got on the interstate. After driving for a short while they took the exit that would lead them to the neighboring state. As Hugh drove onto the exit ramp he adjusted his side mirror and noticed a State trooper continuing on the Interstate. Hugh smirked to himself.

© 2020 Jason Scott

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Added on December 9, 2020
Last Updated on December 9, 2020
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Jason Scott
Jason Scott

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