Girls night out

Girls night out

A Story by Jason Scott

A young man working as a server on ladies night soon finds himself in big trouble after he mysteriously shrinks!



Todd had finally done it, his hard work had paid off. He had been working diligently for months as a bus boy at a semi formal restaurant vying for that coveted server position and now it was his. He had studied the menu extensively inside and out and was particularly astute when engaging with his customers. He satisfied their every need along with being entertaining and charismatic. Todd was already getting rave reviews from customers despite being a server for only a few weeks, not too shabby for a 23 year old.

Todd however could still be a bit shy and awkward at times and tonight that weakness would be exposed. It was a girls night out for three women in their fifties. While Shelly and Amanda were about average looking, it was Jacqueline that stood out. Despite being in her early fifties she could easily pass for ten years younger. She was about average height with a petite build and beautiful long dark hair. The women were seated in Todd's section, already excited about their night out and maybe a bit buzzed too.

As Todd approached the women at his table he was struck by how pretty Jacqueline was, delivering a blow to his usually solid composure. After the initial greeting and running through the specials, Todd took the drink orders from the other two women first, and then Jacqueline.

She smiled at him as he asked her what she would like to drink. He couldn't help but notice what nice teeth she had and he wondered if she worked in the dental industry. Jacqueline answered and as Todd was about to walk away telling the women he would get started on their drinks, Jacqueline suddenly grabbed Todd's hand and asked him if she could order dessert.

Startled Todd dropped his pen. “I am sorry if I startled you.” Apologized Jacqueline as her friends giggled at Todd's nervousness. “It is OK” Todd replied his voice breaking. Jacqueline ordered the chocolate molten lava cake, with a scoop of vanilla ice cream. Causing a sudden guffaw to erupt from her girlfriends. Noting Jacqueline's petite size Todd seriously doubted she eat such a dessert by herself. “Should I bring more than one fork? Todd asked. “Is the other for you cutie?” Todd's face turned beat red. Leading to more laughter from Jacqueline's girlfriends. “I will order on your start...I mean started on your order right away ladies.” Todd was thoroughly embarrassed and eager to get away. But before he could leave Jacqueline grabbed the young man's hand once more and assured him he was doing a great job.

Todd hastened to the kitchen and put in the order for Jacqueline's dessert. He then headed over to the bar which was a complete mess due to being short handed and especially busy. Carla the bartender was overwhelmed so Todd decided to make his own drinks. He made the drinks for the other two women first. Next he concentrated on Jacqueline's drink grabbing a frosted glass from the freezer he dipped the rim in turbinado sugar to give it an extra fancy look. He glanced over several pieces of fruit and decided they didn't look good enough. He found an especially fresh looking orange and dutifully sliced it up until he got the perfect slice for her drink. Todd then meticulously measured the ideal portions of alcoholic concoctions to assemble a flawless drink. Finally he topped it off with the orange slice and added a bright green straw to give the beverage even more tantalizing pizzazz.

Todd was about to pick up his drink tray when he accidentally knocked over a bottle. In this sudden attempt to catch it he knocked over several more bottles which then led to a disastrous avalanche of spirits, mixers, and vermouths spilling all over the floor and blending together.

Tired and haggard Carla barely looked over her shoulder. “That is OK Todd it isn't enough of a mess back there already” “Sorry!” Replied Todd extremely irritated at having to clean up an almost impossible mess. He vigorously grabbed bar towels and in desperation someone's apron to sop up the spill, fully breathing in the sweet pungent aroma he created. Todd realized he was going to have to get a mop. But as he stood up he felt funny, dizzy and woozy. Did he stand up too fast? He leaned over the counter top to steady himself when suddenly, he shrank down to a tiny size!

Totally confused and disoriented Todd found himself on the orange slice for Jacqueline's drink. It must have gotten knocked off when the bottles tumbled over. Stunned Todd stood up on the orange slice wondering what to do. Just now realizing he was naked he comically tried to covered himself up.

Carla finally got a chance to catch her breath at the bar. She turned around and saw the mess and Todd's drink tray. A sigh of exasperation escaped her as she threw down her bar towel. “That damn kid.” She muttered under her breath. Carla walked over to the counter to take the drink tray to Todd's table. She didn't see Todd on the orange slice under the dim bar lights, which she stuck back on the glass. Nor did she notice Todd's clothes at her feet.

Carla brought the drinks out to Todd's table. The women's eyes widened when saw how good their drinks looked. “Where is Todd?” Jacqueline asked curiously. “He made quite a mess in the back and is cleaning it up.” Replied Carla. This response caused more snickering from Jacqueline's girlfriends. “Can I get you ladies anything else?” Asked Carla. “I had a dessert.” Said Jacqueline. “I will go get that for you.” Carla answered with a weary smile.

Todd floated in Jacqueline's drink still in shock over what just happened. He swam over to the orange slice and began to climb up it in an effort to get out of the glass. But just then Jacqueline picked up the big juicy alcohol soaked orange slice and bit into it just missing Todd, and giving him a close up view of those nice white teeth. She ripped the orange from its rind and sent Todd falling back into her drink. “Bottoms up.” Said Shelly cheerfully. The three women then threw back their drinks.

Jacqueline chugged her drink and Todd flowed helplessly towards her mouth. He put his hands out against Jacqueline's lips in effort to avoid being swallowed. It worked but mostly because Jacqueline set the glass back down. “Whoa, that is a strong drink” Said Jacqueline. She covered her mouth lady like as a tiny burp escaped her, causing her friends to giggle. “But pretty damn good too.” She added with a smile.

Feeling a sense of urgency Todd swam towards the straw and began to shimmy up it. He pulled himself up on the glass and began walking precariously around the rim. Feeling like he might get hurt by jumping off the glass and onto the table. Todd was going to try and make it to the other side of the glass so he could jump onto the neatly folded napkin.

Amanda stared at Jacqueline's drink. “What is that on the rim of your glass, sugar?”Amanda asked. “Only one way to find out Jacqueline answered. Pulling back her long dark hair, Jacqueline closed her eyes and seductively licked the sugar off the glass, as well as knocking Todd back into her drink with her tongue. “Very sweet, it's sugar of some kind” Jacqueline answered.

OK.” Began Shelly as she picked up her glass again. “Bottoms up for real this time.” Jacqueline picked up her glass, and threw it back once again. This time there was nothing Todd could do as she effortlessly slurped him past her lips and into her mouth. Jacqueline hesitated before swallowing, as if to brace herself for the strong drink. Todd was treated to a panoramic view of her mouth as he floated on her tongue, she does have really nice teeth he thought to himself. Gulp, Todd slid down Jacqueline's throat like he was on a water slide. He landed with a splash in her small tight stomach.

Still stunned Todd wondered what he was going to do or how he was going to get out. He slowly got to his feet when suddenly something splattered on him knocking him down. It was the chocolate molten lava cake. Todd struggled to get up again, trying to wipe the fully masticated dessert off of his body. But again splat! This time a bigger bite and again knocking him down.

Todd looked up and saw more of it entering Jacqueline's stomach. There was nothing he could as he found himself slowly getting hopelessly mixed in with the dessert. Before long Jacqueline's stomach was almost full. It was then Todd began to notice a slight burning and tingling sensation all over his tiny body.

''Oh, I can't believe I ate all that!” Jacqueline's friends applauded her for finishing off the dessert by herself. “I can't move.” Said Jacqueline through a weak laugh as she leaned back and rubbed her stomach. “But it was so good!” Jacqueline licked the remaining crumbs off of her lips. “But what happened to Todd?”

By now Jacqueline's stomach had already started churning as it worked diligently to digest the rich chocolate dessert, alcohol and Todd. As Todd's tiny helpless body was being slowly broken down and mixed in with the dessert he tried to be positive. He thought to himself if I had to be digested alive I am glad it was in the body of a beautiful woman. Unfortunately it took several agonizing hours for Jacqueline's stuffed stomach to fully digest the chocolate molten lava cake and poor Todd.

© 2021 Jason Scott

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Added on October 27, 2021
Last Updated on October 27, 2021
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