The Overseer

The Overseer

A Story by LostLittleWriter

A short story (about 400 words) I wrote in my 1st period while I was bored. Image generated on nightcafe.

I existed as the essence of extinction. I represented the end of all life for the planets I was assigned, creating a new dawn for them. My body loomed over the globe, concealed in glooms. I slowly press the world by providing suggestions to the intelligent species of this earth, making them profit by destroying it. Greed is such a common downfall in my way of life. The count drops as I near the finish of what I need. 8 billion to 1 billion, 1 billion to a million, and ultimately 500. I prepare to finish off this world before noticing something---empathy. I see the minuscule creatures of flesh display empathy and tend to even strangers. Maybe I can leave this earth alone---perhaps it has already begun its revival. I provide one last suggestion to the people; instructions on how to save their planet. 

It has been about a year since that earth demonstrated remarkable compassion. I return only to witness another of my kin about to shatter the planet in his palms---why? I grab his hand and slam my head into his. Wood splinters off my head and into his eye, making him recoil and moving him opposite the world. He looks me in the eye and grabs a ray of sunlight, throwing it into my body of bark, igniting it. I reach into the pack of wood on my back and clasp a tiny black hole, placing it into the other Overseer's eye. He grips my shoulder and throws me into a large moon nearby, causing my pack to splinter and pierce through nearby planets at intense speeds. I rip off my leg and smash it into the other Overseer's face, landing him onto a sun from the knockback. A diminutive burn forms on his back before I grab his face and spit maple into his mouth as I rip it open, causing him to gag and choke. I reattach my leg and leave the Overseer for dead, going over to investigate the planet I had wanted to see. The small people are thriving and caring for each other. A smile creeps onto my face. I provide the people of the earth a small gift; a tree that bears red fruit, an apple tree. As my parting miracle, I lock off any new Overseers from the planet.

© 2022 LostLittleWriter

Author's Note

Any type of tips would be lovingly appreciated! (Constructive criticism please, not hate.)

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Added on October 28, 2022
Last Updated on October 28, 2022
Tags: Short, Amateur, Shortstory, Fiction, Galaxy, Guardian, Battle, Action




A very amateur writer, I only started very recently and have always lacked creativity; however, I enjoy writing so I still attempt to make things people enjoy. more..