Be my Friend?

Be my Friend?

A Poem by JustALotusFlower

I dont ask for much.

im a "loveable" kid.

yeah. im only 15.

but for that matter,

what is age?

why do we solely rely on it?

i can be mature.

and i can be immature.

i can be quite at times.

and i can be as loud as you.

Im sincere.

i love almost everyone.

its truely hard to get on my bad side.

do people take me for granted?

if i were to die tomarow.

would you miss me?

or would you barely notice?

i dont ask for much.

only to be heard.

only to be trusted.

only to be loved.

what do i ask for in return?

your recognition.

most days?

i dont care if you notice or not.


well i need it.

maybe you cant help with my problems.

can you atleast listen?

i wont ever turn you away.

so why do you?

im just trying to live and learn.

i'd love it if you took that magical journey with me.

its the true friends that make memories.

weither they be good, or bad.

making memories is enough for me.

its why i live.

to love and be loved.

I really dont ask for much.

Just to know you.

© 2010 JustALotusFlower

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Added on November 28, 2010
Last Updated on November 28, 2010



Cedar Falls, IA

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