In The Air.

In The Air.

A Poem by JustALotusFlower

Would you beleive that i float around in the air?

Doing all i can, to tell you im alright.

The world i left,  and the world i came to.

They arent nearly the same.

This new world, I dont want to be here.

My family isnt here. But down on earth.

Of corse I cannot reach out to them,

The gods have forbidden earth to death contact.

I cant let you know im alright.

I cant tell you i shouldnt have done it.

I thought leaving this world, would be my release.

My escape. I thought the troubles would go away.

The pain would stop.

Now as I stand there, next to you.

As they lower my body to the ground.

I try to get your attention.

I plead, to god. "Please let me return."

"Let me show them all, death isnt all its cracked up to be."

God can't do it. He wont let me.

Im condemned to walk this earth, as a lost soul.

To slowly go insane. And watch my children grow.

Without me.

I cant stand it.

But where do dead souls go if they die?

For once.

I actually thought about waking up.

© 2010 JustALotusFlower

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Added on November 28, 2010
Last Updated on November 28, 2010



Cedar Falls, IA

Darkness envolopes us all. Its the certain part of us that we cannot control. the poetic side of me is dark. you have yet to be consumed by the insanity of life, which consumed me once before. tak.. more..