I met a man.

I met a man.

A Poem by JustALotusFlower

I met this man. Who's origin was a mystery.

He told me his life story, and his family history.

The years were brutal to him. And even to this day.

Back when he worked, he made 5 dollars as pay.

His town was small and run down, a poverty stricken place.

No one knew about it, but the lines on his face.

Told a story of the ages, and when he was once a kid.

He never tried any of the s**t that we did.

His entertainment was nature, he had no games.

No cell phone, no computer, no "material" things.

He managed to get by, no matter how bad things got.

He had to make choices and be put on the spot.

But he never gave in to temptation, he always

stayed himself. Never tried to fit in, and not

concerned about wealth.He didn't meet love,

until he was ready. And he didn't have sex, until

the day of his wedding. Not concerned about fashion,

he wore what was given. Not concerned about appearance,

so nothing was hidden. If he'd ever gone to jail, it was to just visit.

He was nice like that, and on a mission. To care about more than himself,

and make people smile. When it came down to it, being happy was

worth while. When I listened to his story, I couldn't help but wonder.

Where did our generation go wrong, and have such a blunder?

To be only concerned about the biggest trends. To be cool, skinny,

do drugs, and have popular friends. I felt sorry for the man, as he went home

that night. Everything he worked for, was falling out of sight.

© 2011 JustALotusFlower

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Added on October 31, 2011
Last Updated on October 31, 2011



Cedar Falls, IA

Darkness envolopes us all. Its the certain part of us that we cannot control. the poetic side of me is dark. you have yet to be consumed by the insanity of life, which consumed me once before. tak.. more..