Chapter Two: Double

Chapter Two: Double

A Chapter by Lou Evans

Chapter Two

                Step One: Find a Double.  Everything is connected an beautiful in this universe.  Somewhere out there on Earth is somebody who is called a Double.  We are alike in almost every way. 

                Step Two: Blend with the Double.  We are a peaceful race and only take over the bodies that are no longer being used.   Once the soul parts from the body and mind, it’s free.

                Step Three: Become your Double and live life to the fullest.  Memories of a past that was not yours will flood the mind.  Every time a familiar object is touched.  A memory will flood the mind.

                I have no idea if there are anymore steps.  Honestly, I don’t even know the true terms that are used.  The dreamer I was was always lost in thought.  Everybody deemed it as a form of rebellion on my part though.  Therefore, my day dreaming was always punished.  Which explained a lot in the end.  Especially when I collected past thoughts in wonder, how did I get here?  I hurtled through space with my eyes closed leaving behind Sector Vega.  Whatever happened to the days where I would lie in the dew kissed grass?  The color purple.  Running fingers over the purple blades of grass watching them slowly change blue due to the pressure of my fingers.  Such mysterious life around every corner of Iapetus.

                What have I done?  The wrong choices that I have met.  Landing me here.  I’m sorry, Jasper!

                A voice exploded to life within my mind startling me awake.  Eyes snapped open no longer able to drift away into a world created in the back of my mind.  I laid there in my sparkling white prison.  The light was too bright.  It blinded me in an instant.  A distant thought that did not belong to me penetrated my mind.  Not again.  I had been over this one too many times back at home.  Nobody could hear another’s thoughts.  Nobody could see the future.  Nobody could move objects in their mind.  There were too many nobodies that somebody forgot to count the fact there is always a minority.

                What have I done?  The wrong choices that I have met.  Landing me here.  I’m sorry, Jasper!

                It never rung through my mind a second time but it seemed to echo within my thoughts.  I rose to my feet realizing who called out to me.  Earth was closer and I could hardly see it.  Fire tore away at my prison cell.  Soon, I would no longer be the long innocent girl Najwa turned convicted felon.  Instead, I would be somebody else disguised as a human.  What would my name be? 


                My eyes closed knowing that the final plunge was about to begin.  Somewhere back on home my brother, Salah, controlled my route.  He would take me safely to where I belong.  He would take me somewhere I would no longer suffer stuck in space far from home.  All alone.  By myself.  I thought entering the Earth’s atmosphere would be the hardest part but I was far from wrong.  It wasn’t until I opened my eyes…

                Faces floated across my vision. Drowned and dead, engulfed by water that conquered most of the world.  Eyes left wide open.  But no vision to be seen.  My hand reached out glimmering in the darkness.  Even here, I was a star.  And even here, I would tinkle until I followed each step.  My head reached out too much like the stars, which were now too far away.

© 2010 Lou Evans

Author's Note

Lou Evans
sorry, I keep rewriting these chapter. This hopefully is the last time I rewrite everything.

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Added on February 19, 2010
Last Updated on February 19, 2010


Lou Evans
Lou Evans

Vulcan, DC

I love Star Trek. I love screenwriting but for some reason, I really want to write a kid's story. Like those great old chapter books. I read sci-fi and Jane Austen. (I'm not huge on fantasy) .. more..

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A Chapter by Lou Evans

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