A Chapter by Louis McKraker

The first conversation...


The Day-Star's Conversation

With The Night-Sun

As Translated Amid Light And Shadow

By Louis McKraker

Though still confused his service unto Me,

I soon shall lead him to a clearer morning.




Since there is such a brief window in the day of Man

when the two can speak with each other,

let us open then at that very moment,

as if we were like the flies that rise in the image of the Night-Sun,

and look upon their conversation with as much scrutiny

as we can get away with and leave them oblivious that we watch at all.

For either of them to discover us,

as we hang from the eaves,

as we sail on the wings

of the flies that have amalgamated there under

may hold dire consequences for either of us.


It is now that oldest and most magical time of the evening.

Twilight has made her bed across the landscape of the desert before all.

Somewhere in this struggle between shadows and lights,

a delicate Earth lay in wait, as the flies begin to take shape...

This was the only time they spake.

The flies now shaped as an eternal face,

a voice calls up an earth quake--

as had always happened every time they spake.

The Night-Sun quaked:

Why must you you fade away just as I have come to wake?

It has always been you who held the hands I long to shake.

You made us both just this way, so that you might run away?

I do not run away, the Day-Star quaked.

Not from you or they. Not here! Not now! Not any day!

If anything, I only dissipate,

just to return again in a distant shape.

It is this way, this very way,

in which I have established and shaped Man’s fate.

That is answer enough, for your sake,

why I hold the hands of those you would wish to shake.

Even as the hour grows late, and your own dark light grows great.

You will never understand my ways of empathizing with Man’s fate.

The Night-Sun quaked: It is you who will never understand

that no part of you is closer to me than Man.

You are wrong in every way, the Day-star quaked.

That is why you cannot rise while I have my day.

You cannot rise until the time I state.

You never consider compromise in all you contemplate.

That is why you must wait.

It is you who refuses to compromise, the Night-Sun quaked,

until their eyes are as empty as the barren wastes.

I know their plight the hardest way;

to be cut off before your grace, and left to suffer a losing gambler’s fate.

It is in that question that they state, which one can only contemplate:

Why I am allowed to rise at all if not on your day?

It is in this question, the Day-Star proclaimed,

that certain enigma must always remain.

As they must always find day rising to meet the night,

as there must always be night rising just in time to meet the day.

This is an existential wheel, not fate.

In questioning this at all otherwise, you have made the first mistake.

I cannot question, the Night-Sun quaked,

that which is and can be no other way.

And yet, I can question your logic here at the end of this day?

To that, let us hear now what you have to say.

But there was nothing in return that the Day-Star quaked.

Let us pray, it will keep its word; only to dissipate,

and return to us as a distant shape,

rather than completely fade away...

For now, the Night-Sun’s gaze has turned in the way

of one whose smile has turned to a frown at the end of this day.

One who may not, or yet may,

see his miseries turn ‘round another day…

© 2018 Louis McKraker

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Like a new bible for humans. An epic read, interesting, detailed and articulate.

Posted 11 Months Ago

1 of 1 people found this review constructive.

Louis McKraker

5 Months Ago

Haha. Thanks, Dawn. It's by no means The Bible but it's good enough for me to get back to working on.. read more

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1 Review
Added on November 4, 2018
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Louis McKraker
Louis McKraker


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