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A Conversations Among Humans...


It was August and it was hot. It was really hot. This was, perhaps, the season for which the Sun-Belt was named.

It was as if heat was rising up from the bowels of hell to meet the heat of the summer sun with equal measure. Even the ground beneath his feet felt hot. Traversing the distance between the parking deck and the hospital itself, the souls of his sneakers would grow hot. In that distance alone, his feet would sweat through his socks.

As the sun bore down relentlessly on that part of the world, something darker bore down on one man in particular. Something as equally relentless. The winds of the season may have been still that time of the year; but the winds of fate (as they say) seemed always in motion. Now fate had taken a horrible corner at a reckless pace. Yes, fate had been as reckless as his own driving had been the day that he brought her here. It had been as equally reckless, and twice as careless.

When the pneumatic doors opened, he could feel the refreshing cool air on his face. It was instantly appeasing to the sweat that had formed across his brow as he had crossed the blacktop. That was one of only two things that had been good about these trips to this hospital--the air conditioning. Since the ac in both his car and his apartment had failed him a few weeks back--one soon after the other--the climate within the hospital eased some of the torture the summer had wrought.

It was a summer with a fury worse than most others he had seem in thirty-three years.

His Glow-Star had told him it was in his zodiac. Not only was it a Leap Year, she had said, but Saturn was also currently in retrograde. Saturn, she told him, meant Satan’s planet--and chaos was its reigning demeanor. His zodiac, she explained, never responded well when Satan’s planet was rotating backwards. Especially on a Leap Year. He didn’t put as much faith in his stars as she had; but given all she had told him, he mumbled to himself that Satan’s planet could go immediately to hell.

Even now, as he made his way past the Nurses Station, and into the elevator, he refused to believe in any of that the way she did. He needed something more real right now. That seemed fair-tale to him. If ever he needed a complete fantasy, it was certainly not now. Not here. Not now. Nevertheless, he mumbled to himself again that Satan’s planet could go straight to hell--and it could take astrology down with it.

The elevator climbed up the shaft to the Six Floor. That was where the Intensive Care Unit was. That was where the two women he cared about the most were located. And while he knew well the condition of one of them, the other would be anyone’s guess until he went up himself to see.


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Added on November 4, 2018
Last Updated on May 28, 2019


Louis McKraker
Louis McKraker


My name is Louis McKraker. I was born in Central Alabama and began writing at age nine. I don't have much to say about myself, except I'm a Piscean. I prefer poetry over prose. I love storytelling... more..