Blind Retinas

Blind Retinas

A Poem by LoveAlwaysJB

Just another thrill about love.

Loves about the Thrill
But when we fall so deeply with retinas blind
We fall into bullets, like a Don who's been betrayed by his Mobsters
Yet we still keep on f*****g like it's nothing. 
Diamonds in one hand, and blood in the other 
Oh it's the thrill of the game, chasing each other around town
Down black alleys, hidden passages and just to feel the rapture of danger
Oh Daddy's not going to like us now, oh well I love you just a little too much
So let's get in that Impala, take me here, there and everywhere
Sssh, can you hear that? It's the knife in your back that keeps me alive
Did you really think I am a foolish baby girl? 
I'll smoke you up like a Cuban Cigar, and I promise to blow your head off
Dontcha dare scream Dear, nobody can hear us now
This is what happens when you love a Daughter of a Don 
Love me, love me and love me, just means Money money N money
That's alright, I forgive you once you're dead.....that is! 
X N O's Kiss Kiss, my lips pressed on your cold forehead 
I can hear the Fuzz in my ears, oh wait thats just that detective around the block
This is farewell and I still I love you. 

© 2013 LoveAlwaysJB

Author's Note

Love makes you Blind... Ignore the grammar Mistakes

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Added on March 18, 2013
Last Updated on March 18, 2013
Tags: Don, Mob, Love, Danger, Thrill, Crazy, Exciting, Death, Guns, Bullets




Hi, I'm Jassi, I have always been drawn to the darker side of things. Anyway my writing comes from experience because without it.... imagination can make you insane if it is containe.. more..