Love's Fools

Love's Fools

A Poem by LoveAndDreams

What happens if the one you love-- loves someone else? We're Love's Fools.


I remember trying to love you, I remember it very well.


I remember looking at my call-log.

Checking my phone just in case I missed you �"but I never did. You never called.


I remember staring at you.

As soon as you stepped into the room, I watched you, waiting for you to look my way so I could offer a smile�"but you never did.


I remember those cold nights.

I’d delude myself into dreaming about you. Thinking, one day, I’d be yours forever and ever �"But I never was.


I can’t blame you; you were just as gone as I was.

Always looking at her, but never receiving a glance in return.

You’d watch her as she looked the other way, ignoring your pleading eyes and scanning past your nervous smile.

She featured in each and every dream that took place in that love-sick head of yours.

You were head over heels, just as I was. You were a ghost to her, just as I was to you.

She ignored every call in her pursuit for a guy who’d never love her like you could love her, and I could love you.

You see what was going on there?

The chase was wearing us all down. Love has got us confused; we’re fools. Running for the first lonely heart that passes our eyes.

We’re unaware that they’re looking for their own soul mates.

Love has got us wandering, blind, convincing ourselves it’s a matter of time -a matter of time until they’re ours for all eternity.

And you know what?

It’s just a matter of time until we’re all heartbroken. Wasted hearts, maddened minds. Empty bodies will line the harbours because their potential lovers set sail long ago.

Who will be left? Me, you, most of us. We’ll be left to watch them leave as lost souls.


© 2011 LoveAndDreams

Author's Note

Something that has happened to me far too often. ... Eh.

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Added on March 17, 2011
Last Updated on March 17, 2011



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