The magic grape

The magic grape

A Story by Shannon

A thing for our science class about digestion. So sorry if you don't like it!



The magic grape
One day, a guy named Steve went into a library. He had to go to the 12th floor to get the book he needed. He saw a man with a grape in his hand. He ate the grape and flew out the window. Steve thought that the man would drop down to his death. But the man didn’t. He flew right back into the room again. Amazed, Steve went up to the man and said “Um… are there of any chance that I can get one of those magical grapes from you?” The man looked confused. “You don’t want the grape! It dose nothing!” The man had said back. Steve sighed. “They have to do something if you just flew out the window! I will give you 100 dollars for the grape!”
“As I said you don’t want the grape!” The man yelled!
“Fine!” Steve yelled. “I will give you 1,000 dollars for it!”
“Ok but it doesn’t do anything.” The man had warned.
Steve put the grape in his mouth and kept it there. He felt his Saliva glands in action. He then gulped it down as he felt it go through his esophagus. While it went down it then plopped into his stomach. Garr…. Steve’s stomach growled. “Ugh! I think it is working! My stomach is using its acid to brake down the grape! It shall soon work!” Steve yelled! Steve was used to this next part! The pancreas and the liver extracted the bile and enzymes. “Down to my small intestine!” Steve said. There hydraulic acid and pepsin broke down his food more.”Eww! It is going now into my large intestine! It feels really weird!” Steve said disgustedly. There Steve knew that the large intestine took out water from the sticky icky food glop. “I am ready to fly!” Steve yelled. Steve then hopped out the 12 story high building. But Steve had not flown. Just dropped. “Call 911.” The man had said calmly. Steve was then taken tot the hospital. “Wow Superman! You can be really mean when you are angry!” The store clerk said. “Well, at least he is living and I feel much better now!” The man who is Super Man said relived. Steve got all patched up. Form all of his wounds. The only thing the grape was a grape gone bad! It made Steve sick and has the waters. In a blink of an eye the grape had come out of Steve’s anus.


© 2009 Shannon

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:D ;D

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Added on March 5, 2009



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