A Chapter by CatOfOrion

"What will we name her?" A deep voice rumbled softly, like thunder from a distant storm. The infant's ears rang with it, and a feather like warmth graced her heart and made the golden eyes melt with it.

Hazel eyes, bright with joy, stared down into the now glowing eyes of her newborn child.

"It's a beautiful her eyes are. How they glow." The woman rambled purposelessly. Glancing up at her husband the woman giggled and tapped the infant's nose gently with her free hand.

A boy from the shadows, with the same hue of gold, just a much more hardened gold, came forth. Peeking at his younger sibling with distaste.

"A mystery indeed..glowing eyes." He muttered.
"Now Nickolaus. Be kinder." The man warned with a light pat on the boy's head. Nic only snuffed and turned his head away. The infant's stayed locked on her new found brother though, and the boy knew that. Her glowing eyes bore into his back.

"Misteria." The woman finally breathed, "Misteria Jean Archshure."

"Archshure." The boy spat, the father closed his eyes with sorrow- knowing that to come. "The poor girl's cursed already by that name."

And with that Nickolaus Mor Archsure disappeared after exiting the room. As this was discovered the next day by the parent's, the King could only sigh.

"It was...inevitable. He's going to find Aleta and Reikon."

© 2012 CatOfOrion

Author's Note

Don't ask why I like center set so much.

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Added on November 1, 2012
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