Chapter 8 - Calling

Chapter 8 - Calling

A Chapter by Tyler and Lozza

   "OMG Jade! I've missed you so much. It's been way to quiet without you here. Have you met your parents yet? What are they like? Are they kind? Do they have lots of money? Big House? Do you have brothers and sisters?" Blossom rambled on down the phone. I didn't know how to answer the questions. Toby went somewhere this morning but left a note saying he would be back soon. So i was in the motel room by myself, half asleep, confused and feeling empty inside. I was still shaken up from the dream I had last night... It was so real... 


   "Jade? You still there?"


   "Erm, yeah... Sorry Blossom, my mind wondered for a second there. I’m so tired." I answered in a husky, weary voice.


   "That’s alright Hun bun! The main thing is you called. So, give me some gossip. What’s been going on with you and Toby?" Jade asked in a cheeky tone.


   "Erm. Well, nothing really" I lied. I didn't know if I was meant to tell her about my secret. It's not exactly something you would put up on Facebook. Hey everyone! I'm a fallen angel because i fell in love with a Satan man!  People would think i was mad, or joking. But Blossom wasn't like that. I decided I'll ask Toby first, there might be 'rules'. "We're just friends and nothing more"


   "Ohhh, I get it. Toby’s dad is in the room, you don't want him to know" I forgot totally Toby said his dad was meant to be with us. This suddenly reminded me of the airport, then the taxi. A shiver went down my spine. I hope i never see that mad man ever again.


   "I miss you Blossom"


   "I miss you too Jade."


   We talked for what seemed like hours! I really did love this girl and I wish I could tell her EVERYTHING about what i have found out about myself these past few days, but I knew I couldn't. I jumped out of my skin when Toby walk in through the door. He had a pain look on his face. I knew he want to tell me something.


   "Blossom, I need to go. I'll call you when I can." and i hung up before i heard an answer.


   "Jade, grab your stuff. We're leaving." He started to hunt round the room looking for his things as I quickly got dressed and packed my suitcase. We got into a car I did not recognize, however it seemed the wrong time to ask any questions. Toby started the car and we were off. I couldn't help myself, he was in pain and it was killing me. I wanted to cry. I had to ask, whatever the consequence.


   "Toby?" His eyes flicked towards me for a second and back the road, still in his blank expression. "What’s happening?" I could hear my voice shaking. My eyes started to mist up and my hands began to sweat. I could feel my heart picking up speed. I wanted to know. No, I need to know. Suddenly, he answered.


   "The devil's men are after us. They want to kill us."

© 2011 Tyler and Lozza

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Tyler and Lozza
Tyler and Lozza

Portsmouth :D, United Kingdom

Oh My Giddy Aunt!!! We Got asked if we wanted a book published internationally and it isn't even finished yet, but we had to say no as it was a 'tad' to £ :( but we have another publisher at our.. more..

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