I thought I was over him...

I thought I was over him...

A Screenplay by Tyler and Lozza

monologue writing :3


  Some hate me. Some like me. Some love me. And some couldnt care less. But Im still me. I would rather be hated for who I am then be loved for somebody I'm not. However, someone did find the good in me and loved me for who I am. It's weird how the happiest memories drive you to tears isn't it? By the time I realised he was the one... I couldn't have you anymore. Sometimes missing someone is real hard. Sometimes that hurt won't leave us. Sometimes we wish we could turn back the clock. Good memories never leave our hearts.


  I thought I was over him, then I looked back at all of our laughs and memories and remembered why I fell for him in the first place. The tears came running down my face as I looked through the pictures of us. Some memories you can't forget and there is the evidence behind. Memories can fade, but there are days when your at your lowest and they creep back up on you.


  I remember our first dance at prom. It was one of my favorite songs, because I was with you. However when I listen to it now, it makes me cry. It's not the song that makes me cry, but the memories that burst into my mind every time I hear it playing.


  I never really understood what I saw in him, just that he attracted me like no other and now I'm fighting back tears that remind me of the good old days. You may not know this, but every time I looked at him, I fell for him just that a little bit more. And now he's gone, and my heart is morning from his loss from my life. I miss him. Why did they have to take him away?

© 2011 Tyler and Lozza

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Tyler and Lozza
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Added on December 3, 2011
Last Updated on December 3, 2011


Tyler and Lozza
Tyler and Lozza

Portsmouth :D, United Kingdom

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